Al Sabah Co. For General Services

City : Basrah

Technical Security Systems Engineer

The Technical Security Engineer(TSE) isto provide preventive maintenance, correctivemaintenance and basic installationstoall technical security systems,including both hardware and software. The systems include, but not limits to: Radarsystem, Electro Optical, Access ControlSystem, CCTV, Security Communication Networkand Integrated security STAR(Surveillance, Tracking, Alarming, Response)system.This position will fulfill general daily security operations from technical security aspects. It will fulfill requirements of small-scaletechnical system expansions.

MRTA Support Engineer

To provide required support to Maintenance, Reliability & Turn Around teams of AOS-IFMS project. The MRTA discipline is primarily responsible for maintaining & assuring the Integrity of Facilities.

OLP Training Coordinator

The OLP (Online Training Platform, LMS) Training Coordinator is a key figure in the oil field’s training framework, primarily responsible for identifying training needs, managing training schedules, and ensuring the alignment of course content with user requirements on the Online Learning Platform (OLP). This role entails close collaboration with the OLP Content Manager to keep training programs current and relevant, assessing training effectiveness, and handling essential administrative tasks to ensure the smooth execution of training initiatives.

Electrical Maintenance Engineer

ElectricalEngineer with relative experience in the oil and gas petrochemical industry, to maintain oil and gas plant equipment and facilities in good working operation and Improve equipment reliability .

Inventory Analyst

The main purpose of the role is to guide and coordinate a variety of activities related to the optimization of stock levels in the field areas at the lowest investment cost consistent with the Company’s operational objectives. Participates in computer system developments, and input and output activities about the Company’s inventory control system. Assists in coding all materials consistent with the Company’s materials coding and vocabulary system; initiates the reordering of materials for stock replenishment, and arranges for the disposal of slow-moving/obsolete & damaged stock.

FM Permit to Work Coordinator

Work with minimum supervision and guidance of Facilities management Permit Advisor, camp supervisor and Team Leads to ensure facilities management services are up to requirements set forth. Act as FM focal point for the areas and or services assigned to, in order to manage business continuity, safe workplace management and interfaces with other on-site customers and other parties where FM services are being offered to.

Production Geologist

Production Geologist is part of G&G Team of Long-Term Study Section in the Petroleum Engineering Department. The primary job purpose is to ensure asset value maximization, ensure geological input and uncertainties evaluation on all available data and follow up on drilling proposals and programs for the drilling campaign by utilizing different data including seismic, well, drilling, petrophysical, production, and ensuring the delivery of the final well drilling report.

Mechanical Discipline Engineer

Mechanical Engineer with relative experience in the oil and gas petrochemical industry, to provide mechanical engineering support for project and MOCs.

Electrical Discipline Engineer

Electrical Engineer with relative experience in the oil and gas petrochemical industry, to provide Electrical engineering support for project and MOCs.