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Job Listing

Job Listing

Logistics Specialist

Towork on the new PLMS system, control and supervise all procedures and processes of the databy upload, update and managing the docsin the system

Job Description:

Position title :Logistics Specialist–PLMS2

Position status : Local 

Position reports to : Blood Test and exit visa Supervisor
Department : Logistics & Facilities Management

Rotation pattern : “Rotation 14/14”

Duties and responsibilities ::

•Keeps in touch with the department focal point to organize and facilitate the data processing.

•Monitor and ensure compliance with company’s policies and procedures

•Responsible toenter,upload, update and managing the data and documents of People Logistics teams (travel, Visa, Blood test…etc.)

•Ensure the accuracy of data entry in the PLMS system to assist reporting process.

•Provides administrative supportand preparing the documentstoPeoplelogistics department as requested on an ad hoc basis.

•Manage relevant functional email account ensuring all visa requests and emails are actioned in a timely fashion (as per current service levels).

•Setting up new users and giving them access to the system and create new profiles

•Monitor relevant Exit Visa, LOI & Bloods application procedures and keep up to date with any procedure/policy changes, adapt practices accordingly. 

•Monitor flights  in/out of  Iraq & Accommodations to ensure that any changes/delays  are reported  immediatelyand  appropriate  actions  taken  asstipulated  in  Iraq  Travel  Team procedures. 

•Arranges  the  booking  of  external  events  meetings,  workshops,  presentations  etc  as required. 

•Stock exit VISA materials daily, display and order materials as needed; folders, applications, etc

•Maintains accurate records on company’sLogistics shared folder and ensures instructions to travelers are accurate clear and time related.

•Report  to  Blood  Test  and  exit  visa  Supervisor  any  complaints/feedback  to  ensure  all challenges sortedappropriately 

•Ensure that key performance indicators (KPI) are captured and reported on a weekly basis.

•Archive records, emails and documentsthrough share point and shared folder according to agreed team processes

•Ensure possible improvements, planning, and developing to the process, procedure and performance 

•Respond to requests within current service levels.

•Creating data backups as part of a contingency plan

•Ensure that confidential data is stored as per relevant Data Protection Legislation

•Publish notifications related to People Logistics as/when required to the organization.

•Prepare various reports for the management (Daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly).

•Engage with customers to ensure complaints/feedback is dealt with in a timely fashion.

•Follow up any other works requested and arranged by the company

Qualification & Training requirements ::

•Bachelor Degree 

Experience ::

•More than 3years withrelevantthe oil & Gas industry.

•General Knowledge of the visa application, travelrules and site access

•Overall and detailed knowledge of the People Logistics work

Language proficiency, computer and software skills ::

•MS Office:

-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•English –upper intermediate (verbal & written)

Skills ::

•Proven supervisory skills.

•Communication skills.

•Presentation skills.

•Attention to detail

•Working under high pressure and limited time.

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement.

•Ability  to  work  cohesively  and  communicate  successfully  in  multi-cultural  teams  whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Ability  to  communicate,  co-ordinate,  and  manage the  travel/accommodationwith  each function.

•Demonstrable  experience  in  the  ability  to  prepare  meaningful  reports,  in  clear  and concise English