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Job Listing

Logistics Coordinator

This position is an individual contributor role that is part of a functional logistics team providing travel coordination and Visa support to IFMS Projects in Iraq. This role requires a high level of knowledge and experience relative in the travel industry or Oil and Gas industry

Job Description:

Position title : Logistics Coordinator–BT3

Position status : Local  

Position reports to : Blood Test and Exit Visa Supervisor

Department : Logistics & Facilities Management

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities :

•Arrange the whole /Exit Visa/ Bloodstest/LOIs process for Company/Contractor’s personnel(Locals national & Expat) 

•Ensure the accuracy of data entry intothe PLMS(Current LMS)system to assist reporting process.

•Provides administration support to People Logistics Department as requested on an ad hoc basis. 

•Report to Blood Test and exit visa Supervisor any complaints/feedback to ensure all challenges sorted appropriately 

•Custodian of Visa/Bloods/Deposits for Expat Staff and HR related cost for Petty Cash floats. Manage reconciliation, reporting, audits and cash controls. 

•Ensure that Companypersonnel / Contractors are adequately informed/prepared and have the correct/valid documentation for travel from Iraq.

•Monitor relevantExit Visa/ Bloods/LOIsapplication procedures and keep up to date with any procedure/policy changes, adapt practices accordingly. 

•Manage with Exit Visa/Bloods/LOIs liaisons daily to ensure the applications are successfully processed.  

•Publish notifications related to People Logistics as/when required to the organization.

•Prepare various reports for the management (Daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly) 

•Liaise with PSD (Private Security Detail) coordinators daily relevant to the issuance of exit/entry visas and bloodtest.  

•Liaise with Meet and Greet to ensure that records are updated and accurate. 

•Ensure that confidential data is stored as per relevant Data Protection Legislation. 

•Engage with customers to ensure complaints/feedback is dealt with in a timely fashion.

•Calculate monthly reports KPIs as well as costs expenditure 

•Stock exit VISA materials daily, display and order materials as needed; folders, applications, etc.

•Responsible for preparing and submitting the monthly invoicesrelated to Bloods and Exit Visa Fee

•Coordinate with journey planners to Arrange travelling to/from Iraq for Staff inclusive of accommodation, flight bookings and secure transportation.

•Monitor flights into/out of Iraq to ensure that any changes/delays are reported immediately and appropriate actions taken as stipulated in Iraq Travel Team procedures.

•Report any ‘near miss’ incidents as per the company’sprocedures inclusive of no-shows and unannounced arrivals.

•Follow up any other works requested and arranged by the company

Qualification & Training requirements :

•Bachelor Degree 

Experience :

•3-year experience with relevant oil and gas industry 

•Detailed  Knowledge  of  the  Iraq  emigration  and  health  department  Rules and   site access

•Overall Knowledge of new Visa application and travel requirement into and out of Iraq 

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :

•MS Office:

-Excel –Intermediate

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•English –(verbal & written)

Skills :

•English interpretation/Translation skills 

•Showing leadership and decision making

 •excellent communication skills 

•good attention to details and details oriented 

•excellent at team work and multi-tasking scenarios 

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement