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Job Listing

FM & SM HSE Supervisor(Acting as SM HSE Supervisor)

This position works within a team of local and internationalHSE staff supportingStatic Maintenance project activitieswithin MFD areas.The Static Maintenance HSE supervisoris responsible for providing HSE leadership and support to the Contractors and coaching to new employees and Iraqi National staffwith liaison of the StaticMaintenance HSE leadacross a large number of Static Maintenance project activities.This is a field-based role and will require the successful candidate to be an effective HSE Leaderand agent of change in a challenging multi-cultural environment, which encompasses different perceptions and understandings of HSE.The incumbent will need to work closely with their Contractor’s counterparts to implement and monitor agreed HSE Plans.

Job Description:

Position title : FM & SM HSE Supervisor(Acting as SM HSE Supervisor)

Position status : LN

Position reports to : Static Maintenance HSE Lead

Department : HSE

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities:

•Provision of continuous delivery of HSE support to IFMS Static Maintenance teams and Contractors.

•Leading, coaching and developing of the HSE personnel.

•Guide, support and where necessary intervene to ensure HSE compliance during site activities in line with IFMS Goal Zero aspirations.

•Provide input into the development and/or update of IFMS HSE critical procedures and standards.

•Development plan preparation for HSE Personnel where necessary.

•Support Static MaintenanceTeams in preparing and planning works in a safe manner and in engaging with the Contractors on safety aspects as required.

•Participation in the development and implementation of safety campaigns, SSS field demonstrations, Time-Out-for-Safety programs, Safety Moments, Toolbox Talks etc.

•Provide Safety expertise and ensure that Static Maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with the IFMSHSE requirements and recognized HSE international standards.

•Support  IFMS emergency  response  preparedness,  and  assist  the  management  in incident  prevention and management.

•Support, steer and challenge the static maintenance activities to facilitate ownership and improvement of HSE requirements including workplace safety, personal safety, emergency response and management of health and environmental hazards in the IFMS work locations.

•Oversee all static maintenance site activities to ensure work is completed in a safe manner in compliance withIFMSHSE requirements. 

•Promote  construction  safety  awareness  through  regular  inductions,  training  and  promotions,  and implementation of Site Safety Standards.  

•Assess  and  evaluate  risks,  providing  viable,  adequate  and  suitable  solutions,  including  detailed discussions with the HSE Lead and Contractors’ personnel.

•Be an HSE role model and ensure that HSE issues and requirements are properly reported and timely addressed.

•Promote high standards of site housekeeping, cleanliness and hygiene.

•Interact with Contractor staff to set clear HSE expectations though daily and weekly meetings. 

•Conduct and attend meetings with regard to SIMOPS, PTW, and related FM and maintenance activities.

•Follow  up  adherence  to  HSSE  policies  and  the  application  of  the  Life  Saving  Rules,  Safety  Critical Standards, PTW, CSSS and other procedures. 

•Conduct  Site  HSE  interventions  and  the  reporting  of  unsafe  acts/condition  observations.  Also  coach local Contractors’ personnel to do the same.

•Assist with Daily, Weekly and Monthly reports as required.

•Participate and/or facilitate HSE inspections, audits, and TBT’s; whenever required.

•Facilitating HSE campaign’s (Goal Zero, Life Saving Rules), and other.

•Carry  out daily site  inspections  and  safety  walks to  check  policies  and procedures  are  being  properly implemented,  to  identify  and  correct  HSE  gaps  or  potential  hazards,  and  to  ensure  safety  regulation compliance.

•Direct contractor HSE resources to provide optimum coverage areas and activities where it matters most based on HSE exposure and risk.

•Assist in pre-qualification and evaluation of contractor HSE site specific programs as applicable. Ensure all new contractors go through Ready for Contract Execution (RFCE)review before commencement of any onsite works.

•Promote the safety recognition by supporting the contractors to design HSE incentive programs across the field in relation to construction.

•Participate in emergency response exercises and act in ER related roles as required by local procedures.

•Other duties as may be required.

Qualification & Training requirements :

•Degree / College graduate in a technical discipline.

•Higher level Technical Certificate or Diploma and NEBOSH General Certificate preferred.

•HSE trainingin;PTW, W@H, Excavation and trenching, Emergency Response, Supervisor & Leadership Training, Incident investigation techniques, Risk Identification & HACCP Techniques.

Experience :

 •Minimum 3+ years construction and or maintenance HSE job experience within the oil & gas industry.

•Knowledge of IOGP& HACCP standards.

•Experience in incident investigation and report preparation. 

•Active involvement in implementing PTW system.

•Experience in developing and implementing risk Assessment.

•Proven ability to work with contractorsworking in a weak HSE culture environment.

•Experience in delivering HSE training, performing HSE audits and supporting incident investigation

•Understanding of risk management processes

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :

•MS Office: 

Excel –intermediate, 

Word –intermediate, 

Power Point –intermediate

•English –upper intermediate (verbal & written).

Skills :

•Proven supervisory, communication, and presentation skills.

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement.

•Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Demonstrable strategic thinking capability.

•Proven problem-solving capability and coaching skills

•Ability to manage multiple functions.

•Excellentverbal and written communication skills.

•Excellent time management and organizational skills.

•Self-motivated and self-starter. 

•Ability to work against tight deadlines.