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Job Listing

Job Listing

Asset Information Management Engineering Supervisor (AIME)

Satisfy Engineering Project requirements to manage all asset data & document deliverables in terms of quality, quantity, fit for purpose, timeliness and reporting. Satisfy Asset Operations’ needs to populate their maintenance management systems and engineering document and data repositories with adequate information to reliably start-up, run, maintain and prepare for green/brown field engineering

Job Description:

Position title : Asset Information Management Engineering Supervisor (AIME)

Position status : local 

Position reports to : AIM Team Lead

Department : ITIM department

Work Schedule : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities ::

•Implement  a  set  of the  oil  field IM  key  procedures  and  specifications  governing  the engineering   processes,   including   document   control   procedures,   document   numbering specification, data control procedures, archiving specification

•Assure  quality  of  AIM  in  terms  of  consistency,  completeness,  progress  in  support  of  rapid project delivery

•Interface   with   disciplinesand   operations   engineers   to   establishthe   minimum   AIM requirements e.g(plantbreakdown structures,tags,equipments, etc.)

 •Coordinate with operations for all engineering activities.

•Establish  and  maintain  the  Doc  Control  System  and  Electronic  Document  Management System (EDMS).

•Drive improvements within the engineering information scope through leadership, standards, and behaviors.

•Implement  solutions  that  educate  and  encourage  internal  and  external  stakeholders  to become more collaborative and contribute to business bottleneck.

•Leverage  engineering  tools  like  an  Engineering  Data  Warehouse  to  support  fast/effective delivery and manage consistency of shared-data between discipline engineers.

•Maintaining both project / operations approaches.

•Coordinating Asset Information Management across a number of Capital Projects which may be at various stages.

•Ability  to  work  in  a  fast  moving,  rapidly  changing  and  dynamic  environment  of  a  major Capital Project.

Experience ::

•Past experience in the Oil & Gas industry as a discipline or project engineer

 •Document  control  and  document  management  systems  as  well  as  in  using  (at  least some of) project reporting software such as Crystal, Business Objects, MS Access, and Excel

•Engineering databases, tools and document management systems.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills ::

•MS Office:

-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•English –intermediate (verbal & written)

Skills ::

•Communication skills

•Presentation skills 

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement

•Experience managing small teams of junior staff personnel

•A high degree of skill in written and oral communications.

Certificate & training requirements ::

•Engineering college degree