Al Sabah Co. For General Services

Job Sector: Oil and Gas

Workshop Supervisor

The workshop supervisor is responsible for the day to day safe and efficient running of the mechanical workshop. Management of workshop staff, and ensuring all matters relating to mechanical services are achieved for the repair of Mechanical equipment’s like pumps, compressor, generators, motors, valves, PSVs, Seals, machining and fabrication work

FM Service desk coordinator

Work with minimum supervision and guidance of Facilities management supervisor or Lead to ensure facilities management services are up to requirements set forth. Act asmainfocal point for all theFM controlled and or servicedareas.Servicedesk coordinator is a part of the professional help desk team that provides support to its clients and helps in resolving their issues. Coordinator responsibilities comprise answering the calls received from the client, planning, organizing, and prioritizing the work and ensuring that high quality of services is being rendered to its clients, thereby ensuring better customer satisfaction. Thus, he/she plays a crucial role in achieving the mission of the organization.In short it is the ‘to go to” contact 24/7 for issues related to Facilities Management services

HSE Environmental Field Advisor

This position is to solely assist in field environmental duties regarding environmental monitoring programs, field site visit and inspection and reporting that represented 80% of the Environmental Advisor time on filed

HSSE Coordinator

HSSE Coordinator (HSSE Liaison Role)isto provide direct liaison support between theHSE and Security and the respective counterparts in .
The function is to ensure that communication and workflows are maintained including matters such as meeting support, processing routine paperwork, process support for commercial paperwork, diary management, and, over time, developing technical understanding of the outputs of HSSE Department

Oil Gas Process Engineer

Process supervisor is required to plan and oversee construction of in the process discipline of all IFMS projects and work predominately in the field to oversee the EPC Contractor works and ensures effective execution of the work in line with the required standards. The position shall report to Process Team Lead

Security Coordinator

Supports the Departmental Lead in the implementation and control of the IFMSintegrated security system. Assists with the evaluation,auditingandimplementation of IFMS securitystandards across theoilfield. Assists the SSAL by carrying out continuous assuranceand compliance checks and written reports regardingsecure transport, static site guardingon theoilfield are provided to the requirements of the IFMS Security Quality Assurance and Quality Control system.Undertake interdepartmental liaison to ensure effective communication between staffon matters of IFMS security standards.

Subsurface data analys

Subsurface data analyst is a discipline in Petroleum Engineering Department. The main job purpose is to give full data analyst support for the department disciplines (G&G, WRFM, …etc.) by beingresponsible for managing essential technical and scientific information and data used

Technical Security Engineer

The Technical Security Engineer(TSE) isto provide preventive maintenance, correctivemaintenance and basic installationstoall technical security systems,including both hardware and software. The systems include, but not limits to: Radarsystem, Electro Optical, Access ControlSystem, CCTV, Security Communication Networkand Integrated security STAR(Surveillance, Tracking, Alarming, Response)system.This position will fulfill general daily security operations from technical security aspects. It will fulfill requirements of small-scaletechnical system expansions

Electrical Technician

To carry out the electrical maintenance, scheduled preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting, breakdown maintenance of Electrical System in Oil & Gas Facility having 33 KV, 11 KV, 6.6 KV Power Generation & Distribution Systems to ensure zero breakdown of electrical equipment

E-PTW Supervisor

This position works within the newteam of local national& expat HSE staff supporting the development,testing, rollout and implementation of an E-PTW (Electronic Permit to Work)process, including updating of proceduresby supportingthe Snr.
HSE Advisor (ePTW)The HSE E-PTW Supervisorwill actively engage multiple departments and disciplines including, but not limited to, Operations, HSE, Wellsservices, hydrocarbon & non-hydrocarbon facilities and, construction (greenfield and brownfield) and commissioning teams in the online/digital and onsite monitoring, including auditing of the E-PTW system and ensure that all relevant theOilfield procedures are consistently applied and adhered to in full.
The incumbent will need to work closely with their counterparts in the Operations, IFMS FM, Static Maintenance & IT organizations to implement agreed E-PTW Plans