Current Vacancies
  • Material Scheduler and Milk Run Coordinator (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Jan-21-2018

    Job ID: SES933
    Location: Basrah

    Material Scheduler and Milk-Run Coordinator The focus of this role is primarily to make reliable delivery schedule in line with SAP reservations and perform scheduling and activities that support and facilitate outbound shipments to ensure that materials are available as per SLA to meet customer orders at NR/UQ/CSs. The person requires the a... [Read More]

  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineer (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Jan-10-2018

    Job ID: SES931
    Location: Basrah

    To follow... [Read More]

  • Marketing Manager (Iraqi only) Post:Jan-09-2018

    Job ID: SES930
    Location: Baghdad

    Marketing Manager :   Management  experience 4-5 years. Marketing experience up to 7 years and preferred to be with the automotive industry. Local candidate . “V. good-Fluent” English and Arabic . Have the ability to maintain events and all kind of the ceremonies. Full Job Description ... [Read More]

  • Project Planner (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-28-2017

    Job ID: SES929
    Location: Najaf

    Project Planner: this role mainly to follow up Gantt chart activities and high light risks. Main responsibilities: a.       Monitor and update project Gantt chart b.      Project progress reporting. c.       Risk assessment log sheet keeper and fo... [Read More]

  • Site UT engineer (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-28-2017

    Job ID: SES928
    Location: Najaf

     Site UT engineer: The Utilities Engineer will be responsible for providing technical support on all utilities on site(Electricity, water, Steam, low pressure air, High pressure air, gases, etc.) Main responsibilities : a.       Receiving and distributing project design documents, as well supervising the con... [Read More]

  • Project Manager- Site Engineer (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-26-2017

    Job ID: SES927
    Location: Najaf

      On site project manager: ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget, that the project's objectives are met and that everyone else is doing their job properly. Project managers oversee the project on site activities  to ensure the desired result is achieved, the most efficient resources are used and the different... [Read More]

  • Procurement -Local Buyer (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-26-2017

    Job ID: SES926
    Location: Najaf

    1. JOB PURPOSE / ROLE: The Plant Buyer will work with the Finance and Corporate Procurement to assist with the integration of processes across the plant. Main focus will be to: ·     &... [Read More]

  • HR Manager (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-26-2017

    Job ID: SES925
    Location: Najaf

    To follow... [Read More]

  • Admin &Travel Coordinator (IRAQI ONLY) Post:Dec-12-2017

    Job ID: SES924
    Location: Baghdad

    travel coordinator job requirements: -          Based Baghdad -          Male -          Good in English -          Has experience 2 years or ... [Read More]

  • Finance Manager (IRAQI only) Post:Dec-07-2017

    Job ID: SES923
    Location: Baghdad

    We are looking for a Finance Manager for an international Client based in Baghdad. The ideal candidate will need to have minimum 10 years Accounting / Finance experience in Communications/ FMCG... [Read More]