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Job ID: SES987

Job Title: Logistics Supervisor (Iraqis only)

Job Type: Permanent

Consultant: Ms Angela

Sector: Logistics

Location: Baghdad

Posted: 03 Dec 2018


-follow up to update daily the status of the stock according to the sales and new arrival in the stock

-keep the evidence of the stock & consigned cars (documents, keys, kilometers, files)

-keep the evidence of the custody cars (documents, keys, kilometers, files)

-complete the monthly stock check together with the accountant

-follow up for the PDI with the service department and ensure that the PDI check list and battery slip is in the file

-keep the evidence of transport payments for inland transport

-notify delivery companies immediately of any losses and/or transit damage identified on receipt of the vehicle.

-a New Vehicle Storage History Sheet must be raised for every new vehicle upon arrival and should remain inside the vehicle until dispatch. This must contain a record of the vehicle condition and any rectification work carried out during the storage period (see Storage History Sheet).

- vehicles must be checked for correct specification and/or shortages. Where this is incorrect, the required parts should be procured through normal channels and costs claimed back via the DDW system using the appropriate shortage or miss-build program code. All missing items should be recorded on the Vehicle Storage History Sheet and countersigned by unauthorized person.

-monthly check the vehicles from storage and record the data’s as per “JLR storage manual” (official version).

-paint check for every part of the vehicle up on arrival

-follow up for fueling the storage vehicles.

-keep the evidence of the second keys for consignment cars and sold cars for some customers with unpaid balance

-vehicle registration at Traffic Police 

-shipping and inland transport management 

- all type approval from all Ministry’s

-manage the repairs of the damaged vehicles and manage the accessories push for all branches

-travel to Basra/Um Qasr to receive new shipments 

-manage the cash request for import (customs duties ,clearance ,other fees ,personal import licenses)

-follow up for the insurance and PVI

-work for all branches in Baghdad (Mansur ,Karada and Alwaridj (storage)

-responsible for checking the accuracy of all documentation received from any party

above some of the tasks required