Job Details

Job ID: SES943

Job Title: Showroom Supervisor (Iraqi only)

Job Type: Permanent

Consultant: Ms ANgela

Sector: Automotive

Location: Baghdad

Posted: 01 Apr 2018


Showroom Supervisor :


  • Management  experience 4-5 years.
  • Sales experience up to 7 years and preferred to be with the automotive industry.
  • Local candidate .
  • “V. good-Fluent” English and Arabic .
  • Have the ability to maintain events and all kind of the ceremonies.

Full Job Description

Overall Objective of the Job

The Group Marketing & CRM Manager will be responsible for the business development of the Company by increasing the market share, developing a brand identity and delivering effective marketing and communications related activities. The Group Marketing & CRM Manager will manage and maintain the activities and operations pertaining to marketing at the Company including planning, budgeting, reviewing and approving major decisions, and coordinating activities. The Group Marketing & CRM Manager also will be responsible for building and following up on customer relations, their claims, and approving the vehicles orders. 


Tasks and Responsibilities 

§  Sets the department’s long and short term objectives, communicates them to the subordinates, and ensures high quality achievement of the goals in a cost effective and timely manner.

§  Develops department’s policies and procedures related to the marketing activities which ensure a standardized, efficient and effective flow of operations. 

§   Supervises the activities of subordinates to ensure their effectiveness and compliance with the Group’s approved policies and procedures.

§  Selects, trains, motivates, evaluates and develops the department’s personnel to ensure the achievement of the company’s objectives. 

§  Plans, develops and implements a comprehensive marketing strategy encompassing all aspects of the marketing management, besides of participating in business planning and strategy formulation. 

§  Develops, maintains and ensures compliance of marketing strategy, policies and procedures, and submits any changes to the GGM for approval.  

§  Establishes overall performance standards to meet the Group’s and departmental goals and sets critical success factors related to the marketing decisions.

§  Evaluates market demand and supply trends and coordinates with the concerned department to create proposed sales prices.

§  Identifies the Company research needs, supervises customer satisfaction surveys and performs market analysis to assess the Company position in the industry besides of devising new marketing methods.

§  Provides quality services and develops customer loyalty schemes to reward loyal customers and create a win-win situation for the Company and the customers.  

§  Supervises and develops marketing researches and studies based on primary and secondary database, predicts the vehicles and heavy equipment demands for the next years based on mathematical and statistical methods and provides feedback to the sales department accordingly.

§  Identifies potential markets such as new businesses, wholesalers, retailers, free zone, and the government and works on expanding the Company market share. 

§  Analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of Marketing practices, advertising costs, promotions campaigns and results. 

§  Participates in setting vehicles prices and ensures updating of list prices on periodically basis.  

§  Revises marketing plans and time scheduled and discusses them with Sales Manager(s).

§  Reviews periodical studies and surveys regarding Iraq Market and recommends necessary actions and probable market penetration.

§  Periodically advises on company profiles, website and other materials describing the products which the company provides and provides instructions for team members for updates.

§  Coordinates efforts between team members to prepare marketing and advertising campaigns for the Company and liaises with the financial department to prepare and administer the marketing budget and maintain the expenditures within the prescribed limits as approved by the top management.

§  Identifies areas of weaknesses and creates solutions to improve the overall trends of the Company and adapts practical mechanisms that enhance the marketing strategy and decrease threats of marketing myopia.

§   Participates in preparing commercial offers for governmental and private agencies to include discounts, sales allowances and other terms that enhance establishing strategic and positive relationships with the customer. 

§  Conducts and supervises market segmentation studies and selects the best strategy with the appropriate marketing mix (4Ps) that support adopted strategy and increases the Group’s competitiveness in that segment.  

§  Follows up all orders related to the Group’s stocks and monitors the operations flow of orders from the issuance until arrival to post.

§  Reviews marketing database periodically and advises on any necessary updates which would enhance the Company marketing strategy.

§  Supervises on enhancement customers’ satisfaction in order to build positive relationships with them and encourage after- purchase return behavior and build a positioning awareness in their minds.

§  Prepares reports related to the demand forecast, competitors intensive, market segments, and other reports.