Job Details

Job ID: SES933

Job Title: Material Scheduler and Milk Run Coordinator (IRAQI ONLY)

Job Type: Permanent

Consultant: Ms Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 21 Jan 2018


Material Scheduler and Milk-Run Coordinator

The focus of this role is primarily to make reliable delivery schedule in line with SAP reservations and perform scheduling and activities that support and facilitate outbound shipments to ensure that materials are available as per SLA to meet customer orders at NR/UQ/CSs. The person requires the ability to deliver results without line responsibility and should have excel skills along with basic computer skill for running of SAP system.

 Key KPIs to be achieved;

·       Adherence to Milk Run schedule  > 95% (Material dispatched on specified days)

·       Service level  > 90% (Reservations dispatched on specified day / Total Reservations available)

·       Backorders : < 10%

·       Flash daily KPI report covering visibility on Reservation no, Planned day, execution day etc


  • Scope – Deliveries to North Rumaila, Um Qsar and Compressor stations.
  • Ensure material is available at site as per agreed mil run schedule to meet inventory aims and ensure overall customer service.
  • On day to day basis, review SAP reservation outstanding/pending for execution.
  • Take Printout of outstanding SAP Reservation and discuss following with respective storekeeper;
    • Adequacy of vehicle capacity with respect to Size/Volume of material.
    • Need of Logistics equipments like Forklift/Crane required for loading. Also assess 
  • Liaise with Logistics and ensure timely arrangement of Logistics equipments such as forklift/Crane.
  • Every day by 12:00 Hrs, prepare loading plan & sequence after assessing material size/volume 
  • Share Pick list copy and loading Plan and sequence with each storekeeper and ensure alignment on loading sequence and timings.
  • Share loading Plan, sequence with dedicated vehicle driver and runner.
  • Ensure storekeepers have pre-picked material on day prior to actual mil run delivery schedule day.
  • Closely coordinate with each storekeeper to expedite loading and documentation process in each WH to ensure vehicle is released within 30 mins from each warehouse and vehicle leaves KAZ by 11:00 Hrs.
  • Ensure priority is given to mil run deliveries so that schedule is adhered.
  • Check that loading documentation is proper and signed by the runner/driver to capture all details correctly.
  • Resolve any issues with milk run delivery/shipment and if required escalate to Warehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Manager.
  • Change the schedule to accommodate new delivery / time change that is requested by end user/requestor.
  • Closely communicate with NR/UQ warehouse team receiving material about material they can expect against each reservation.
  • Manage the key relationships and ensure good communication between Warehouse Storekeeper, WH Supervisor, Logistics, Runner / drivers and end-user/requestors.