Job Details

Job ID: SES894

Job Title: Promoter (IRAQI ONLY)

Job Type: Permanent

Consultant: Ms Noor

Sector: Sales & Marketing

Location: Baghdad, Basrah Najaf

Posted: 11 Jun 2017



Mission: Contact, engage and persuade the consumer about the brands, and be the main source of quantity-quality information flow for the WOM System.


Tasks and Responsibilities:

Contact: The Agent has to approach to each client of his/her surrounding, has to make a positive impact in as many people as possible, always framed under C-4 laws, prudency and common sense.

Engagement: The Agent has to find the best way to connect with the consumer, and that includes visually analyzing him before the talking to find a prototype and probable characteristics of his person to make an intelligent approach, then talking to him with an ice-breaking method, later adapt the conversation according to the consumer’s traits and attitude, and finally closing the contact and engagement with politeness and transmission of good feelings.

Persuasion: The consumer will be persuaded about the brands either that same day or in the near future if the Agent does an excellent job; it’s all about a one-to-one communication process, and not exactly a selling but a delivery of a message to the consumer, a message that involves the effective transmission of the brand values and the establishment of a memorable experience in the customer’s mind and heart.

Report: The Agent has to permanently report the details of each action in his/her Ipad so that the WOM System can daily be able to analyze the marketing actions in order to constantly improve the entire WOM process in benefit for THE CLIENT; also the Agent must report with a call to the WOM System of any incidence or problem that may occur.

Feedback: The Agent must be in continuous relationship with the Team Leader, and give to him/her all information and feedback that can be considered important so that the Team Leader may have a global view (at least inside his/her own region) about the progress and development of the WOM System in field.

Image: because there is never a second chance of making a first impression, we have no other option than maintaining at all times the correct face and smile, the correct corporal position and posture, the right hairstyle, nice hands-nails, balanced makeup, clean shaving, ironed uniform, etc.; the agent is a visible image of OUR CLIENT, is an ambassador of a brand, and because the customer makes in his mind an identification between the message and the messenger, a link between the product and the promoter, that is why the Agent has the duty to transmit always a good, clean, neat, beautiful, and correct first impression to the consumers.


Values: For the selection of a new Agent or Promoter, we look for a profile who has (or is able to develop) a high level of:

work ethics and integrity

positive attitude

communication skills

nice image



learning disposal

fast learner



control of emotions

knowledge of him/herself

psychological stability

emotional intelligence

commercial qualities

enthusiasm for life and work

brand knowledge/tools knowledge

commitment with the mission

service attitude

love for excellence


Other optional requirements depending on region and circumstance:

Working time availability – 3 to 6 days a week

Mobility – own car

Languages – English, French, etc.

Nice physical image

Height and Size – 1,71 cm UP, 36/38