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Job ID: SES08

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality Painting/Coating/Insulation/Refractory/Fire Proofing

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Iraqi Only
work Location: Basrah
- Ensure weather conditions are acceptable in line with applicable standards/ specifications (Environmental, time and economic constraints).
- Ensure manufacturer’s instructions & MSDS are followed while handling & storage of Painting/Coating materials abrasives at site.
- Ensure that data sheets are available, material traceability is maintained and correct material used.
- Monitor performance of contractors, ensure Applicators are competent and where required have valid certification for the process in use, equipment is in serviceable condition.
- Ensure inspection and test equipment is serviceable, with in calibration period and personnel are knowledgeable in its use.
- Ensure weld area is covered before blasting, where pressure testing is not completed.
- Ensure protection of flange serration, instruments etc before blasting.
- Ensure surface preparation blast profile/cleanliness meet requirements.
- Continuous monitoring of surface cleanliness and record surface profile (Should take place at least three times during the coating process: before any surface preparation activities starts, after surface preparation, before coating begins and between each application of coating in a multi-coat system).
- Monitor wet film thickness during application and application technique.
- Monitor dry film thickness and recoating intervals.
- Ensure any identification marks or tags removed or over coated are replaced.
- After the full curing activity conduct visual inspection and specified non-destructive and/or destructive tests.
- Visual inspection after each coat (Verify correct shade, degree of gloss and evenness and be free from tackiness after drying/curing and free from cracks, holidays, runs sags, wrinkles, patches, brush or roller marks or other defects that may deleterious to the quality of the coating).
- Witness destructive tests as applicable in accordance with the project specifications (Holiday detection, Adhesion testing, Impact resistance testing, Cathodic dis-bondment testing, Thickness of coating on steel body, Thickness of coating on weld bead, Peel test, Overall degree of adhesion voids exposing bare metal).
- Check for any damages and defects upon completion of the each stage of painting/coating works.
- Inspect insulation material to verify the manufacturer, type of product, and thickness of insulation, and batch number.
- Ensure manufacturer’s instructions & MSDS are followed while handling & storage of Painting/Coating materials abrasives at site.
- Verify insulation materials are stored off the floor under shade in secured and well ventilated areas away from moisture and water which may lead loosening of insulation strength.
- Ensure insulation materials are stored separately based on type, width, and thickness.
- Verify materials are used in the same order in which they are delivered, so that the order of consumption is first-in-first-out.
- Ensure System/Subsystem testing, reinstatement, and painting completed and released from
- piping /equipment prior to start insulation.
- Ensure pipe work and equipment are insulated as per line list and isometric.
- Ensure equipment insulation is as per the equipment data sheet.
- Verify heat traced piping/equipment are released prior to application of insulation.
- Ensure equipment, paved areas etc., adjacent to components being insulated are protected from dripping compounds and sealants.
- Ensure piping and equipment is clean, dry, and free from grease, dirt, loose rust, and scale.
- Verify austenitic stainless steel vessels, equipment, and piping need special attention to prevent contamination due to corrosive products like chlorine, chlorides, and surface is wrapped with aluminium or stainless steel foil as per project specification
- Inspect insulation/cladding at each stage as indicated on ITPs.
Refractory/Fire Proofing:
- Ensure that all inspections and testing pertaining to refractory installation/fire proofing are carried out in accordance manufacturer written installation procedure, approved drawings and project specifications.
- Ensure structure / equipment to be fireproofed are aligned and released from construction to proceed for fireproofing.
- Ensure materials and applicator qualification test results are fully documented.
- Monitor applicator, materials qualification test and dry out (where applicable) conducted by the manufacturer to ensure compliance with job specifications and product data sheets.
- Check the lining integrity prior to start dry out and after dry out by hammer test, and report any anomalies.
- Verify accurate installation and dry out records are being documented by the contractor in line with approved ITR’s & ITP’s .
Minimum Job Requirement
- Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent for Painting/Coating/Insulation.
- Diploma in Civil/Mechanical Engineering or equivalent for Refractory/Fire Proofing.
- Minimum 7 years experience as Painting/Coating/Insulation/Refractory/Fire Proofing QC Inspector.
- BGAS Gr.II or NACE Level II for Painting/Coating Inspector.
- Should have experience in oil & gas/petrochemical industry.
- Should have previously worked with major EPC contractor or their subcontractors