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Job ID: SES07

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality /NDE

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021


Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah
Functional Duties
- Ensure that all non-destructive testing is performed in accordance with approved procedures by qualified and certified personnel.
- Verify validity of NDE Technician’s certification for NDE method to be employed .
- Verify calibration status, suitability and serviceability of equipment and consumables to be used.
- Coordinate NDE activities between subcontractor, contractor and within the company.
- Monitor, supervise and assist NDE subcontractors to achieve quality standards.
- Witness performance of non-destructive testing and verify compliance with approved procedure.
- Interpret NDE results for acceptability to specification and code requirements.
- Review NDE reports and radiographs for compliance with procedure and code.
- Ensure ambient conditions are acceptable for required process output, including darkroom facilities.
- Ensure that materials, films, chemicals, etc. are stored and handled correctly.
- Review NDE procedures for suitability, compliance to specifications and code requirements.
- Maintain status of NDE performed, accepted/rejected and outstanding.
- Assist in the coordination of NDE activities.
Minimum Job Requirement
- Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
- CSWIP film interpretation/CSWIP 3.2.2/ RTFI Level II Certification through the company for RT interpretation.
- CSWIP/ PCN Certification in NDE.
- CSWIP/ PCN Certification in Welding Inspection would be useful.
- Minimum 7 years experience as NDE Inspector.
- Should have experience in oil & gas/petrochemical industry.
- Should have previously worked with major EPC contractor or their subcontractors