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Job ID: SES23

Job Title: Maintenance Manager

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Hawraa

Sector: Construction

Location: Basrah

Posted: 18 Nov 2021


·        Work in close cooperation and ensure close communication with the O&M Manager and the Maintenance Team in general to develop proper preventive maintenance program for the different maintenance team

·        Work in close cooperation with the O&M Manager and the Maintenance Team in general to develop efficient scheduling, planning and recording of the maintenance tasks and corrective work orders in order to ensure maximum efficiency and to reduce the cost  

·        Manage and maintain the MMS database up-to-date in line with Department Objectives, KPIs and Contractual Requirements; especially generating Work Orders and reporting data from Work Orders and Maintenance Reports into the CMMS

·        Maintain all MMS records (Data Base, Asset List, Maintenance Request, Work Order, Maintenance Report, etc.), other files and technical documentation up to date

·        Generates reports from the MMS as and when required by Management and the O&M Contract and provide feedback information for analysis.

·        Follow up of operational data on the HMI and in the field with subcontractor when required (running hours, power consumption, vibration, temperatures for pumps and motors, etc.)

·        Record and maintain work history (O&M service reports and internal reports)

·        Follow instructions of the O&M Manager and adheres to any reasonable specific request from Management

·        Work overtime when required to ensure that departmental objectives are met.

·        Assist the maintenance team as and when required

·        Ensure the adherence to Company policies and procedures at all times


·        Engineering diploma or similar

·        At least 2 years of experience in the related field

·        Industrial establishment background is preferable


·        Fluent in written and spoken English

·        General knowledge of RO plant equipment (mechanical, electrical, electronic) is a plus

·        General knowledge of maintenance practices is a plus

Skills and abilities:

·         Process information through computer systems

·        Work and communicate with a team to understand their need in a cooperative manner

·        Perform excel charts for reporting and performance monitoring

·        Understand and follow written and oral instructions accurately and promptly

·        Read and understand PID’s, technical diagrams and drawings.