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Job ID: SES16

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality/ Electrical

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah
Functional Duties
Inspection/testing of temporary electrical works, connections to camp facilities as and when
Inspect installation of supports prior to cable tray installation.
Inspection of cable tray/conduit installation prior to release for cable laying.
Inspect UG stub ups.
Inspect cable trench for dimensions and sand bedding prior to cable laying and prior to release
each layer of cables.
Inspect cable segregation arrangement etc prior to back filling/release.
Inspect cable glanding ,termination, dressing etc.
Witness Insulation Resistance/continuity test of cables on the drum, after laying, prior to trench
back filling and after termination.
Witness Hi-pot test of cables.
Inspect/witness final torquing of the cable termination.
Inspect installation of cable tray cover.
Monitor preservation activities of switch gears, transformers, bus ducts and other equipment.
Inspection of switch gear installation for alignment, location etc.
Witness torquing of bus bar joints and doctor test.
Witness IR test of bus bar.
Witness Hi-pot test of bus bar wherever applicable.
Witness various testing of switchgears including IR, Hi-pot, ductor, operational etc.
Witness Transformer oil dielectric test.
Witness IR test of transformer.
Witness various electrical tests as per applicable ITP/vendor docs.
Witness torquing,ductor/IR test of bus duct.
Inspect batteries, chargers and UPS. Where applicable, witness charging/discharging test of
Inspect underground earth cable installation, cad weld joints etc prior to trench back filling.
Inspect installation of earth electrode and earthing system.
Witness earth resistance test of individual electrodes and earthing network.
Witness earth loop resistance/continuity test.
Inspection of lightning protection system of each building.
Final inspection of earthing system.
Inspect location of each lighting fixtures, socket out lets, junction boxes with respect to
Inspect site routed lighting cable tray installation and release for cable laying.
Inspect installation of distribution boards.
Witness IR test of distribution boards.
Witness IR/continuity test of lighting circuits.
Witness functional test of each lighting circuits, where applicable only.
Witness illumination level test, where applicable only.
Monitor preservation activities of motors throughout project period.
Inspect installation of motors including glanding termination,earthing.
Witness IR test and /or polarization index test etc as applicable.
Inspect installation of local control stations.
Witness functional test from local control station to Substation, if applicable.
Witness motor solo run test (2hrs for LV motors and 4 hrs for MV/HV motors), if applicable.
Inspect thermite welding on top of UG pipe and witness continuity test of cables.
Inspect installation of temporary magnesium anode, reference electrode, anode ribbon, crossings.
Witness various inspection/testing related to CP system prior to backfilling and after back filling.
Inspect installation of CP transformer/rectifier.
Inspect installation of heat tracing circuits and associated components.
Witness testing of heat tracing circuits prior to insulation and after cladding.
Witness inspection and tests related to equipment such as diesel generators, HVAC equipment etc.
Witness inspection/testing related to overhead power distribution/transmission lines.
Perform initial detailed inspection of certified electrical equipment based on latest IEC 60079-17
table 1,2,3 and IEC 60079-14, or perform visual or close inspection as applicable.
Correct interpretation of equipment labels, IP Rating etc.
Verify IP Rating is maintained.
Minimum Job Requirement:
Diploma in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
Minimum 7 years experience as Electrical QC Inspector.
Should have experience in oil & gas/Petrochemical industry.
Should have previously worked with major EPC contractors or their subcontractors.
For Hazardous Area Electrical Inspections: Should be an experienced person whose training has
included instructions on various types of protection and installation practices, IEC 60079-17 and
IEC 60079-14. (Evidence of relevant experience and training claimed shall be documented and
available). If no such training attended, he should undergo in-house training: PEC-RCD-00384,
prior to assigning any Ex-Inspections.