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Job ID: SES15

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality/ Civil

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah
Minimum Job Requirement
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Minimum 7 years experience as Civil QC Inspector
Should have experience in oil & gas/petrochemical industry
Should have previously worked with major EPC contractor or their subcontractors
Functional Duties
Monitors and inspects a variety of facility installations to ensure compliance with project documents,
including minor and major RCC structure, Building architectural works, Asphalt roads/pavements,
cable/pipe trenches, storm water drainage system, site preparation/earth works, tank foundations,
sumps/pits, grouting works and structural steel erection works and other associated materials used
throughout civil construction works.
Monitoring and reporting compliance with GA, Civil, architectural, construction, foundation layout,
site grading drawings, sectional details of foundations, building drawings and plot plan drawings,
codes, standards and procedures.
Quality control inspection of all type of Concrete works, earth works, building architectural works,
Inspection of heavy equipment foundations such as horizontal and vertical vessels, exchangers,
building foundations, Turbine, boiler, compressor foundations raft and spread footings.
Monitor area excavation, back filling and compaction, this includes works related to cable
trenches/pipe trenches and layer by layer sand bedding for cables/pipes.
Inspection of E&I duct banks, manholes for underground facilities, foundation for piping and E&I.
Witness field dry density tests for soil, fresh, hardened concrete tests on concrete ingredients at site
Ensure protection of concrete like - curing, below and underground concrete protective works.
Random check using surveying equipment to verify vertical and horizontal alignment, location of
structures, elevation of pipe and other utilities, verifies placement of reinforced steel, embedded
items, concrete quality, placement of form work.
Inspect culverts, roads, railway line, buildings, conduits, plumbing, sewage, sumps, and foundations
during and after construction for structural quality, general safety and conformance to specifications
and codes.
Inspect and monitor construction sites to ensure adherence to safety standards, building codes,
signs, markings and specifications.
Measure dimensions and verify level, alignment, and elevation of structures and fixtures to ensure
compliance to building plans and codes.
Monitor installation of plumbing, equipment, and appliances to ensure that installation is performed
properly and is in compliance with applicable regulations.
Evaluate premises for cleanliness, including proper garbage disposal and lack of vermin infestation