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Job ID: SES14

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality / Mechanical

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah
Functional Duties
- Carry out the receiving inspection (including review of previous preservation records) for mechanical equipment delivered to construction site.
- Periodically check the material lay down and warehouse areas for proper equipment storage.
- Ensure equipment foundations are released by Civil QC Inspector.
- Check periodic preservation records are maintained and.
- Ensure that any required testing is performed on equipment while in storage.
- Ensure the equipment manual is available at site for review in order to determine the correct
procedure(s) that are required to be implemented.
- Ensures the completion of all mechanical activities on site as per client’s requirements.
- Review all mechanical jobs for progress as per project schedule and specifications and also prepare daily surveillance audits onsite to check for any deviations and update on the work in progress.
- Witness dimensional checks, alignment checks of equipment.
- Witness bolt torqueing /tightening/tensioning of bolted connections.
- Facilitate inspection of all mechanical jobs at the project site by the client.
- Review of all equipment certification and documentation to ensure validity and compliance with
specifications, drawings, manufacturing, and inspection test plans.
- Witness cleaning / installation of equipment prior to installation.
- Supervise and Quality Control on the erection, mounting and alignment activities of rotating
- Inspection of internals of the equipment to verify correct installation of conventional/hi-fi trays,
cleanliness etc.
- Witness Chemical/Mechanical cleaning/Flushing/post cleaning/drying/final assembly inspection.
- Witness filling operation of catalysts, filtering and separation medium etc and cleanliness of
equipment internals prior to filling.
- Ensure ambient conditions meets project requirements while performing rotating equipment shaft alignment.
- Ensure equipment and foundation centerline offset (if any) is within the project and/or supplier
specified tolerance
- Coordinate with civil inspector for pre-pour inspection and release of critical items.
- Inspect installation of prefabricated packaged equipment as per manufacturer’s instructions .
- Check dimension between interconnection pipe flanges is correct prior to release for grouting
- Check for rotation arrows and confirm the pump is always rotated in the correct direction only
- Check bracket sag on the alignment fixtures well in advance of the preliminary alignment inspections and record it for later use.
- Refer manufacturer installation manual to confirm all required alignment parameters have been met prior to release for base plate grouting.
- Verify installation of ladders, stairs, hand rails, man holes etc.
- Confirm grout material is correct type and grade and curing requirements are met.
- Where applicable, witness inspection/test related to HVAC equipment and duct work.
- Witness inspection/ load testing of cranes and hoists.
- Witness final box up of equipment.
Minimum Job Requirement
- Diploma in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent.
- Must have a thorough working knowledge of International Codes and Standards, specifically ASME and API Codes/practices, and specifications associated with all types of static/rotating equipment and piping.
- Minimum 7 years experience as Mechanical QC Inspector
- Should have experience in oil & gas/petrochemical industry