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Job ID: SES13

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality/ Instrumentation

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah

Functional Duties:
Inspect each instrument against data sheet prior to release to site for installation.
Witness calibration of each instrument as required by ITP/specifications.
Witness calibration of safety valves.
Witness calibration and seat leakage test of control valves.
Monitor preservation requirements of instruments and control panels.
Inspect instrument stanchions, location, mounting height, orientation etc.
Inspect installation of Instruments including glanding termination of cables.
Inspect installation/hook up and pressure test of impulse tubing.
Witness pressure test of impulse tubes.
Inspect installation of air supply/signal lines.
Witness pressure/leak testing of air supply/signal lines.
Witness inspection/test related to analyser houses.
Verify completion of heat tracing for impulse tubes.
Inspect installation of supports prior to cable tray installation.
Inspection of cable tray/conduit installation prior to release for cable laying.
Inspect UG stub-ups
Inspect cable trench for sand bedding prior to cable laying and release each layer.
Witness IR/continuity test of cables on the drum, prior to back filling trench, after glanding and
Inspect cable segregation arrangement etc prior to back filling.
Inspect cable glanding, termination, dressing etc.
Inspect installation of cable tray cover if reqd.
Inspect control room building prior to installation of panels.
recommendations are followed.
Inspect installation of various control panels, consoles, desks etc.
Inspect internal cable tray works prior to installation of cables.
Inspect installation of various cables including system cables.
Witness testing of all cables.
Inspect termination of cables in each panel.
Inspect instrument earthing of panels, cables etc.
Monitor pest control activities inside control building.
Inspect installation of various F&G instruments, control panels.
Witness testing of the F&G circuits and system as applicable.
Witness testing of control panels.
Verify all inspections related each loop components have been carried out as per
and documented.
Witness loop continuity checking.
Witness loop checking, if applicable.
Perform initial detailed inspection of certified electrical equipment based on latest IEC 60079-17
table 1,2,3 and IEC 60079-14, or perform visual or close inspection as applicable.
Correct interpretation of equipment labels, IP Rating etc.
Verify IP Rating is maintained.
Minimum Job Requirement:
Diploma in Instrumentation Technology or equivalent. (Diploma in Electrical/Electronics
Engineering may be an optional qualification, if the person is with proven track record in
Minimum 7 years experience as Instrumentation QC Inspector.
Should have experience in oil & gas/Petrochemical industry.
Should have previously worked with major EPC contractors or their subcontractors.
For Hazardous Area Electrical Inspections: Should be an experienced person whose training has
included instructions on various types of protection and installation practices, IEC 60079-17 and
IEC 60079-14. (Evidence of relevant experience and training claimed shall be documented and
available). If no such training attended, he should undergo Petrofac in-house training: PEC-RCD-
00384, prior to assigning any Ex-Inspections.