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Job ID: SES12

Job Title: Inspector I-Quality / Telecom

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Mrs Angela

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 12 Sep 2021

Description: Only Iraqi
Work Location: Basrah
Inspector I-Quality / Telecom
Functional Duties
- Monitor preservation requirements of communication equipment and control panels.
- Inspect equipment stanchions, location, mounting height, orientation etc.
- Inspect installation of communication equipment including glanding termination of cables.
- Inspect installation of supports prior to cable tray installation.
- Inspection of cable tray/conduit installation prior to release for cable laying.
- Inspect UG stub-ups.
- Inspect cable trench for sand bedding prior to cable laying and release each layer.
- Witness IR/continuity test of telecom copper cables on the drum, prior to back filling trench, after glanding and termination.
- Inspect cable segregation arrangement etc prior to back filling.
- Inspect cable glanding, termination, dressing etc.
- Witness testing of fiber optic cables testing prior to installation, prior to trench back filling and
final test.
- Witness communication cable testing
- Witness testing of communication system
- Inspect installation of cable tray cover if reqd.
- Inspect control room building prior to installation of panels.
- Inspect installation of various control panels, consoles, desks etc.
- Inspect internal cable tray works prior to installation of cables.
- Inspect installation of various cables including system cables.
- Witness testing of all cables.
- Inspect termination of cables in each panel.
- Inspect instrument earthing of panels, cables etc.
- Monitor pest control activities inside control building.
- Inspection and testing of the PA/GA circuits, CCTV components, telephone units, exchange,
and other systems as applicable.
- Witness testing of control panels.
- Inspect installation of various types of antennas and radio tower/mast.
- Perform initial detailed inspection of certified electrical equipment based on latest IEC 60079-
17 table 1,2,3 and IEC 60079-14, or perform visual or close inspection as applicable.
- Correct interpretation of equipment labels, IP Rating etc.
- Verify IP Rating is maintained.
Minimum Job Requirement
- Diploma in Electrical/Electronics/Telecommunication Engineering or equivalent.
- Minimum 7 years experience as Instrumentation QC Inspector.
- Should have experience in oil & gas/Petrochemical industry.
- Should have previously worked with major EPC contractors or their subcontractors.
- For Hazardous Area Electrical Inspections: Should be an experienced person whose training has included instructions on various types of protection and installation practices, IEC 60079-17 and IEC 60079-14. (Evidence of relevant experience and training claimed shall be documented and available). If no such training attended, he should undergo Petrofac in-house training: PEC-RCD-00384, prior to assigning any Ex-Inspections.