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Job ID: SES1095

Job Title: Shift Chemical Engineer

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Ms Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 09 Oct 2019


Position Title

Shift Engineer

Position Summary


This role has direct responsibility for the decision taken related to the operations of the completed NR-NGL include IBC facility.  This role will act as direct support to NR-NGL and IBC operating activities. Provide prompt and reliable decision making. Be a role model for the team and promote a positive workplace. Show commitment to safety and ensure Company procedures and standards are understood, implemented and supported.





The Shift Engineer reports to the Operations section heads and department managerunder the leadership of the Plant Director. Their peers include other Shift Engineers, Operations Engineer, Process Engineer and Discipline Maintenance Engineers.


This role has as direct reports the Shift Supervisors and can be responsible for contractors when performing activities on site.


Key Accountabilities

Position Specific

·       Responsible for the safe operation and management of the NR-NGL and IBC facilities and to monitor community activity around the facilities

·       Supervise the allocation of work and prioritise work schedules for operations and construction activities near or on production facilities

·       Area owner for the safe system of work for all processing facilities

·       Develop and implement field standard and procedures

·       Work planning and approvals

·       Liaison with third parties related to works near or on the production facilities

·       Be available whilst on rotation for call out on operational issues

·       Provide advice and recommendations to the Operation section Head on process improvements in production and planned maintenance needs.

·       Carry out design change implementation and participate in implementation and HAZOP/SIL reviews if required.

·       Implement OI Dashboard KPI.

·       Monitor compilation and closure of field works action lists and incident reports.

·       Ensure competence initial emergency response Team and training

·       Ensure the implementation of OI elements in place such as operation envelops, OI register include overrides. 

·       Establish, Update and implement Isolation, Spading and EPI Plans. And support Operation Coaches to update critical documents Tier 1 with Operation. 

·       Follow up housekeeping issues within the gas plant

·       Compile and maintain operating procedures related to operating facilities.

·       Adhere to responsibilities of PTW system and perform the role of   Area Owner/Permit Holder for the tasks performed.




People Management

·       Promote a positive, team-oriented work culture

·       Develop and monitor staff competencies so they are up to date and relevant to the current plant operations

·       Supervise induction program for new starters and contractors

·       Review and implement field employee training and development programs

·       Ensure effective knowledge transfer processes

·       Promote cooperation and communication within the team


Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE)

·       Every individual has a duty to both themselves and those around them to ensure that safe practice is adhered to at all times.  In addition to any specific accountabilities for HSSE, all employees are accountable for ensuring that they take care of themselves and adopt exemplary safe behaviours as much as possible 

·       All Company employees must adhere to the Business and HSSE Principles at all times and participate in relevant training 



Influence over Resources

·       “Calls off” external resources (as part of established contract), as needed to deliver work in coordination with Operations suction heads.

·       Influences recruitment/staffing levels and ensures effective utilisation of supervised staff

·       The incumbent is responsible for the efficient use of their personal time to ensure all tasks are achieved within allocated plan milestones, or time lines given 



External Interaction

Key Internal Relationships

·       Suction heads Manager

·       Shift Supervisor

·       Control Room Operator

·       Maintenance Engineer &Technicians for all discipline 

·       HSE Advisors


Key External Relationships  

·       Local community and businesses

·       Company Contractors


Time Horizon

·       Ensure a safe workplace and promote Company policies and procedures in a positive manner to staff. Have a commitment to good management, safe operations and ongoing annual reviews



Experience Needed


·       Significant experience in gas processing field-based leadership position

·       High level of experience in managing high pressure sour gas processes

·       Sound experience with work planning/scheduling

·       Competent in risk assessment and evaluation with respect to safe work systems.

·       Experience in safe systems of work management.

·       Experience with emergency response training, planning and simulation activities.

·       Experience in plant/equipment commissioning and start up.

·       Experience in working under oil & gas industry regulation and safe operating standards (e.g., PPE, Lockout/Tagout, electrical area classification, management of change, MSDS, environmental regulations and compliance, emergency procedures, permitting procedures, housekeeping, etc).


Knowledge, Languages,

Skills and Attributes









·       Bachelor’s degree on engineering or extensive technical experience on operating gas processing facilities

·      Knowledge of control functions (e.g., level, pressure, flow, temperature), devices, safety control and control logic, as well as their cause and effects on the facility

·      Knowledge of safe testing procedures (e.g., PSVs, high/low levels, high/low pressures) in accordance with manufacturer instructions, regulations, and local procedures

·      Knowledge of utility systems (e.g., pneumatic, hydraulics; high- and low- pressure nitrogen; water systems) their appropriate uses and proper disposal

·      Knowledge of safety systems for asset and personnel protection (e.g., fire/gas detection, process safety shutdown; emergency response system, relief and blowdown systems), their function, the effects of bypassing them, and relevant performance and test requirements

·       Knowledge of process symbols (e.g., valves, temperature, flow, pressure, safety devices) and their meaning as depicted on diagrams

·       Knowledge of equipment specifications (i.e., vendor data information) (e.g., valves, separators, vessels, pumps, compressors) in order to ensure in specification operations

·       Knowledge of gas compression system components (e.g., screw and reciprocating compressor, drivers, lube/oil systems, vibration detection, seals, surge and recycle control) and their function.

·       Strong verbal and written communication skills in Arabic and English

·       High level interpersonal skills

·       Good computing skills (MS Office, SAP)

·       Strong knowledge of environmental health & safety legislation

·       High commitment to safety, the environment and to cultural issues

·       Ability to supervise emergency response

·       Efficiency with work planning/optimisation

·       Commitment to systems, procedures and quality assurance