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Job ID: SES1094

Job Title: Process Engineer

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Ms Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 09 Oct 2019



Job Title           

Process Engineer – Optimization Surveillance & Process Control

Job PurposeProvide process engineering expertise and support to the operating units/plants for optimization of production, troubleshooting, conducting unit performance tests, investigating trips/upsets, and conducting reliability analysis of equipment, liaising with discipline engineers to improve reliability.

Principal Accountabilities:

Responsible for providing technology support, troubleshooting, and trip investigation.

·       Provide daily support to the operations shift in troubleshooting and process optimization

o   Review process operating data and discussion with control room operators

o   Maximize production capacity

o   Minimize trip frequency

o   Provide daily, monthly, and yearly trended monitoring of process and utility units

·       Minimize environmental impact of Company operations

o   Minimize flaring and optimize fuel gas consumption

o   Minimize waste generation 

·       Perform Proactive Technical Monitoring, reviewing unit surveillance sheets and use of Operating Envelopes

·       Issue weekly and monthly reports detailing production limiters, production trends, optimization opportunities, and equipment reliability analysis.

·       Initiate plant changes for process improvement (management of change)

·       Lead the execution of items from the Major Threats & Opportunities database

·       Investigate operational trips and upsets with root-cause analysis. 

·       Improve base layer control of plant by having control loops in automatic instead of manual. 
Have loops tuned for stability. Support the transition to new PLC and/or DCS systems

·       Provide support for Instrumented Protective Function (IPF) testing 

·       Evaluate equipment reliability, identify ‘bad actors’ and apply defect elimination together with discipline engineers

·       Plan and execute unit capacity tests 

·       Support the handover process of new projects, including Pre Start up Safety Review and commissioning support as necessary

·       Participate in project activities as required (SIL, HAZOP, 3D Review,..)

·      Actively promote the Iraq development programme



Key Challenges

·       Report on process operation and optimization with limited information available from data loggers before a DCS is installed. 

·       Transition an organization to international standards of process engineering & optimization

·       Ability to work effectively with all different functions in the JV and with Project Team 

·       Working closely with counterparts, including more senior staff in Company, to help in competency development through coaching and instruction of all employees

·       Language challenges 

·       Support on the flawless integration of rehabilitated, rejuvenated and newly constructed facilities into a company still under transition

·       Relative inexperience of team members 

·       Development of fit for purpose work processes suitable for less mature JV organization. 

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

·       Degree in chemical engineering or related engineering discipline with at least 5 years process engineering experience in a hydrocarbon production or processing facility OR

·       In the absence of a degree, at least 8 years experience in an operational environment including commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting in a hydrocarbon production or processing facility, with a minimum of at least 3 years in a senior role. 

·       A strong understanding of process engineering for gas plants.

·       General broad understanding of Oil and Gas maintenance activities.

·       Previous experience in using quantitative risk assessment to prioritize operations and maintenance activities.

·       Operational experience with optimization of compression, NGL extraction, and gas treating.

·       Knowledge and application of process control to improve plant stability and operability