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Job ID: SES1091

Job Title: Material Controller

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: Ms Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 09 Oct 2019


JOB: Lead Material Controller

JOB Description:

Phase 1: Excel Based Materials Management System
1>Physical verification of Materials (both existing materials, and new materials that will be added to the warehouse of surplus project materials): All material items will have to be physically inspected and eventually coded in line with SAP Material Master coding standards. Since currently detailed specifications of the materials are not available for a lot of the material, it is required to compile detail specifications by physically inspecting the materials in the warehouses and yards. The data collection will be done by one or all of following means.

  • Physical collection from stores.

  • Taking specifications from tags and labels on the material.

  • Establishing accurate quantities of each material available

  • End user interaction and talking to engineers.

  • Manufacturer catalogues, Specification sheets, Drawings, internet resources.

    Where data is not available, every attempt should be made to get it from other sources like internet, supplier databases etc. Aim is to get enough data to ensure material is coded in accordance with minimum data standards.
    2> Material Cataloguing : All materials will be maintained on an excel sheet with full descriptions and quantities (from the above exercise). Similarly, where necessary, labels shall be placed on the materials for ease of identification. Where already available, SAP codes will be used as an additional identifier for the materials.

    3> Goods Receipts and Issues to be coordinated with laborers – using appropriate paperwork, signatures etc- and the excel sheet to be immediately updated to reflect current available qtys. This includes performing GR transactions 109 in SAP as well as relevant GI transactions
    2> Coordinate Bagging and Tagging as necessary for new Material Requests from end-users

    3> Re-organize materials optimally for ease of management, proper preservation and space utilization
    4> Identify “Storage Location” for all materials, visually at the physical location as well as an identifier in the MaterialsExcel sheet

    Phase 2: Transition to SAP
    5>SAP Material Master Cataloguing
    : SAP Cataloging will go through following stages and will be carried out by Material Master Analyst with the help of coordination with company FO Data Team in Chennai

    ➢ Mapping Noun Modifiers
    ➢ Identifying and collecting information of missing elements by physical inspection➢ Data normalization
    ➢ Final Delivery of data in MMRF upload format.

    The Scope of this the Material Controller should also address ensuring quality of Materials Master Data. QA/QC should be performed in parallel and at each stage of conversion process. Check will be done to ensure that the data consistency is maintained in the short description. The cataloging will be done in accordance with the standards by identifying Noun


Modifiers, identifying and then collecting information on mandatory items such as Spare Items without equipment information, manufacturer, Part Number, Item Model etc. For such missing elements, Material Master Analysts should identify original manufacturer, Part number / model number from internet by Supplier Information. The Analyst will build the New Short and Long Description as per agreed Character length, Structure and Sequence. They will additionally identify duplicate items during conversion. The Analysts will prepare final delivery format in the Big Rule MMRF (Material Master Request Form) Upload template. Following deliverables also form the responsibility of the Analyst.

➢ Structured Materials Master Data in the company Finance Operation’s (FO) MMRF format.➢ List of duplicates items.
➢ List of missing information collected