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Job ID: SES1051

Job Title: Pipeline Asset Engineer ( Closed)

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: MS Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 31 Mar 2019


Job Details


Support the Pipeline Asset Team to assure the integrity and reliability of the Pipeline System by:

·         Planning and executing pipeline corridor surveillance, reporting results and creating work requests and work orders to reinstate damaged or missing elements.

·         Planning and management of pipeline element preventative maintenance activities including follow-up on items requiring intervention.

·         Supervision of and support to Contractors during inspection and repair activities.

·         Planning and execution of routine pigging operations.

·         Interface with Operations, Inspection and Maintenance organisations to agree and coordinate pipeline related activities.

·         Participate in pipeline emergency response preparation and activities, including duty coordination or emergency response team for spill containment, remediation, emergency repair, or drills




·         Managing preventative maintenance activities within the planned dates.

·         Maintaining records of ROW surveillance and remedial actions.

·         Directing Pipeline Asset activities in line with job scope.

·         Providing quality input to annual Pipeline Integrity Assessment verification process.




Degree in Mechanical or related discipline

Minimum 5 years direct experience with pipeline operations or pipeline design and construction



Knowledge of pipeline integrity and protection systems including cathodic protection, coatings and materials.

Skill in supervision of Contractors and / or maintenance activities

Skill in records management

Skill in time and activity management

Additional Note:

The role will require full mobility throughout WQ, NR, SR, Zubair, UQ areas. Work pattern will be adjusted to support business critical activities such as pigging and (as required) repairs. Position will be located in NR NGL Asset office.