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Job ID: SES1035

Job Title: Turnaround Coordinator

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: MS Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 04 Feb 2019


Principal Accountabilities:

·         Ensure all major and minor Turnarounds and shutdowns are safely executed.

·         Organise all shutdown events (meetings, workshops).

·         Measure progress against milestone plan.

·         Liaise directly with all focal points to get the required information for effective plans.

·         Plan; integrate all work scopes into one overall logically linked shutdown plan.

·         Plan, organise and administer all the shutdown plans and maintain and coordinate the shutdown work scope.

·         Plan amendments as and when instructed.

·         Update the shutdown schedule and produce progress reports (also during the shutdown).

·         Prepare performance forecasts and projections.

·         Prepare logistics plans.

·         Administer the learning point’s database.

·         Provide technical expertise on the Turnaround planning and execution process.

·         Ensure all major and minor Turnarounds and shutdowns are completed efficiently with minimum possible downtime.

·         Ensure Turnaround field activities are completed to a high quality through guidance and training.

·         Ensure multi-discipline integration.

·         Assist in the review of relevant Operational Excellence elements

·         Management of turnaround files and records, and final closeout.

Key Challenges:

·         Project management of the TAR /shutdown

·         TAR planning and execution events require a large amount of field presence with TAR scope development / detailed planning / pre-TAR works and TAR execution works.

·         Turnaround Coordinator is required to work daily in the operating worksites, leading improvements by maintaining full compliance with PPE and safety standards in challenging conditions.

  • Maintain tight controls on work scopes, schedule, HSSE and quality control associated with large work scopes executed in a short duration.
  • Physically challenging working environment.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

·         Operations / maintenance certification with, 5-10 years’ experience in a gas and oil industry, minimum 5 years in senior position.

·         Turnaround planning and execution experience of major Turnarounds and shutdowns required

·         Operations / maintenance field supervision experience required.

·         Good technical communication skills;