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Job ID: SES1031

Job Title: Social Performance (SP) Lead

Job Type: Contract

Consultant: MS Hawraa

Sector: Oil & Gas

Location: Basrah

Posted: 04 Feb 2019



  • Minimum 5-10 years relevant Oil &Gas business experience, with at least 5 years in frontline Social Performance delivery role(s)
  • Social Performance, Commercial, Technical or development experience preferably in large scale projects in difficult environments
  • Knowledge of Industry business processes
  • Demonstrable strategic thinking capability
  • Highly skilled in influencing and negotiating
  • Proven problem solving capability
  • Skill in multi-stakeholders approaches and partnerships
  • The ability to network effectively with a wide range of people at all levels in the organization and externally
  • Proven ability to communicate, contribute and influence senior executive/management fora
  • Excellent interpersonal skills in order to represent COMPANY on engagements with external stakeholders
  • Ability to manage and integrate multiple functions
  • Understanding of risk management (technical/non-technical) processes
  • Culturally sensitive engagements skills to interact, understand and develop relations with communities and a wider set of external stakeholders

Lastly, the incumbent should have mastery relationship building capabilities combined with effective influencing skills.

Accountabilities and Requirements






·         Obtain a thorough understanding of the projects overall as well as area specific activities.

·         To understand the possible impact of the projects on the communities in the area to assess the social context (demographics, socio-economic conditions, cultural values) within the communities impacted by COMPANY’s business activities.

·         To provide early warning and proactive mitigation for potential community disruptions to COMPANY businesses.

·         To build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders in COMPANY including contractors and sub-contractors.

·         To build and maintain relationships with key external stakeholders in the province and other relevant parties like NGOs (international and domestic), and regional organizations

·         To develop, own and implement the COMPANY SP strategy and plans. These include working seamlessly with contractors and sub-contractors.

·         To own and proactively implement COMPANY SP guidelines, policy and frameworks

·         To manage the COMPANY community grievances process proactively, and participate in the resolution of those grievances as required.

·         To understand and update the social context around COMPANY, identify value-adding community needs (socio-economic) and put in place a process that allows external and internal  proposals to deliver benefits to the communities.

·         To own and manage community monitoring programmes throughout COMPANY, and implement periodical community site visits/regular engagements

·         Manage and implement a Social Investment strategy and plan that COMPANY will undertake with the communities and other 3rd parties.

·         To manage a team of existing Community Liaison Officers (x2) in order to deliver the Social Performance Strategy and Plan, including Social Investment, including the development of meaningful Social Performance KPIs.

·         Manage the Social component of the ongoing and future environmental and social impact assessments.

·         Set-up and manage the Basrah Development Foundation, a World-class Development Foundation (BDF) that creates sustainable, scalable social enterprises (private sector development) as a mean to provide long-term social benefits to Iraq

·         Partnership management:

o   Company Donation Committee

o   Basrah Development Foundation

§  Provincial Council

§  Chamber of Commerce

§  Local/International NGOs

·         Embassies and other potential donors