Al Sabah Co. For General Services

Job Industry: Oil and Gas

Drilling Supervisor

Plans, coordinates and directs the activities of the Wells Operations Section at the rig site.
Includes the provision of direction and guidance to Rig operations, logistics, junior staff
wells Engineer and drilling supervisors and coordinates all activities between Wells
Operations and the support groups. Has direct functional responsibility for the start-up
and safe procedures of the rig operations.

Permit to Work Coordinator

The PTW Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of the company Permit to Work (PTW) system for the area he is assigned to. PTW Coordinator will provide guidance to operations, maintenance & contractor personnel on the processing of appropriate permits to perform works safely, he will maintain proper records of all permits ,associated certificates and other documents raised in relation to the PTW being processed ,he will actively engage with all staked holders involved in the PTW cycle and ensure constant on-site monitoring and periodic auditing of PTWs to ensure PTWs are being processed in compliance with the company and PTW procedures.

Control room operator

Monitoring and operating the well pads and plant including ICSS, Fire and Gas and ESD systems, carry out re-instatement on completion of work and in line with the PTW requirements, fully undertake all responsibilities of the position under the control of Management System, ensure the safe and smooth production of plant.


The Recruiter will be responsible for quality and timely talent acquisition in multiple functional within the organization.
The role will be responsible on recruiting staff in project, headhunting and manage the E2E hiring process from offer to
The role will be involved in every aspect of the hiring process from sourcing through the onboarding of hires. Additionally,
the Recruiter will drive marketing work within the Staffing spot and will ensure our processes are tight, scalable, and
providing a positive candidate experience.

Laboratory Analyst

To provide routine analysis of gas, oil and water / effluent samples in the laboratory in CPF and DS1 in accordance to standard laboratory procedures at skilled level, report the results of analysis on a daily basis, ensure that the Company Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) policies and procedures are in place to maximize Loss Prevention without subordinates in the exception.

Lab Supervisor

Supervise laboratory analysts and carry out tests, calibrations and inventories required to ensure laboratory activities are done safely, accurately and timely as required by operational considerations.

Production Operations Technician

The Production Operations Technician will report directly to the Production Shift Supervisor, his day-to-day responsibilities will include: Safe operations and troubleshooting of oil and gas surface production facilities, monitoring and modifying production process variables, front-line maintenance and aiding maintenance teams in maintenance programs, testing and operating of well heads