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Job Listing

Wells Drilling engineer

Manages and controls Drilling engineering tasks on assigned Rig. Includes establishing work schedules, evaluating Rig personnel, structures, machinery, reviewing work programs, monitoring operations, coordinating and availing internal & external support services. Assumes total responsibility during operation and Rig moves.

Job Description:

Job title  : Wells Drilling engineer 

Department : Wells 

Work Schedule : 14/14 Rotation

Report to : Wells Engineering/Operation Team Leader

* Verify Well design and planning is in compliance with international standards 

* Assess well design and operation requirements on well construction projects, including Front End well design calculations and simulations (Wellcat, Stresscheck, Compass, etc.). 

* Prepare well proposals, barrier drawings, verify Well Technical Specifications, prepare and review drilling and workover programs, cost estimates, trajectories and targets for every well. 

* Prepare project supporting documentation e.g. Well Control Contingency Plan, Relief Well Drilling Plan. 

* Provide engineering support for formal Deviations to plans and provide assured program amendments, e.g. casing setting depth change, as required. 

* QAQC Contractor daily reports DDOR, EDM, Compass, TVD/performance etc., prepare daily summaries, print performance graphs, invoicing and time sheets etc. 

* Confirming wells delivered to contract quality specifications. 

* Maintain well barrier status information, certification of equipment and personnel, plan and record any deviation. 

* Collate all data for internal and external reporting. 

* Identification of Materials management, co-ordination of Purchase Orders and inventory control, material supply and service contract management including logistics support from manufacture to delivery in Majnoon 

* Responsible for material supplier QAQC and follow-up on Quality non-conformances. 

* Support project execution strategy including: Contracts, Budgets, Organization, Well Concept, Performance Improvement Plans 

* Support well operations team with contract management, After Action Review (AAR) sessions, cost/performance tracking, drilling sequence management/optimization 

* Hold weekly performance AAR/planning with contractor, prepare weekly performance reports 

* Prepare/maintain Drilling sequence and schedule updates for optimization and endorsement 

* Staff Development: Mentoring & coaching of Iraqi Wells Engineers 

* Follow management instruction for Wells department duties

Qualification & Training Requirements 

•B.Sc.Degree in Petroleum Engineering or equivalent.


•At least 3years’experience of accomplishment in a similar position.

Language Proficiency,Computer and Software Skills :

•Fluency in English and effective communication (verbal/written), organizational and interpersonal skills.

•At least Intermediate on working knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint.

•Good drilling software skills