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Job Listing

Job Listing

Senior Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor

The Senior Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor in the logistics department shall control and maintain the scheduling and maintenance planning ensuring the fleet is managed as per the required standards.

Job Description:

Position title : Senior Vehicle Maintenance Supervisor

Position status : Local 

Position reports to : Head of Transport

Department : CPL –Contracts Procurement and Logistics

Rotation pattern : 28/28

Duties and responsibilities ::

•Inspect the vehicles prior sending to the workshop and post receiving from 

the work shop .
•Ensure the maintenance is completed as per the required standards.

•Ensure that all HSE requirements are met at all times and that any HSE incidents are reported without delay to the appropriate HSE representative for action and follow up. 

•Supervise in carrying out regular audits and inspections of the workshopsto ensure the workshops are complying with contractual requirements.

•Maintain the performance data for the workshop and vehicleshandover

•Assist the Infield Logistics Managerto maintain overall supervision and management of the vehicle workshops.

•Check the vehicle spare parts while supplied and fitted in the vehicle

•Liaise with the vehicle spare parts and maintenance contractor

•fleet, ensuring that vehicles are maintained on a regular maintenance program in line with the contractual specifications.

•Assist the Infield Logistics Managerto ensure that vehicles are taken into the workshops in line with the service and inspection dates and times and that the work is carried out to manufacturers specifications.

•Participate in the incident investigation and propose consequence management •Share the Lesson learnt with all Vehicle Users

•Assist the Infield Logistics Managerin maintaining accurate records and provide detailed reports as requested by the Logistics & Transport Coordinator Iraq.

•To undertake additional duties as requested by the Head of Logistics.

•To update and maintain all vehicles documents such as papers of registrations, insurance, certificates, maintenanceand checklists timely and properly and distribute in due course. To collect all such pieces of information (soft or hard) as daily vehicle checklists.

•Report kilometer readings by the end of each and every month 

•To apply BOC clearance/passes for the vehicles and exit pass when and where required

Qualification & Training requirements :: 

•Degree or Diploma in automobile discipline 

Experience :: 

•Minimum of 7years’ experience in Fleet coordination and or Oil & Gas industry experience

•Good  understanding  of  and  demonstrable  hands-on  experience  in  all  functional  aspects  of fleet Maintenance, Log book maintaining, Inspection and reporting.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills : 

•Well versed in MS office 

•Knowledge in preparing monthly reporting and KPI

•Communication skills 

•Male candidates preferred

•English is must and Arabic knowledge is preferred

Skills : 

•Land Transport Standards & Specifications 

•Plan,  manage  and  execute  the  land  transportation  operation  (including  Journey  Management requirements) 

•Plan, Manage and execute non-routine land transport operations 

•Social Performance implications of Land Transport Operations 

•Land transport assurance process