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Job Listing

Technical Security Engineer

The Technical Security Engineer(TSE) isto provide preventive maintenance, correctivemaintenance and basic installationstoall technical security systems,including both hardware and software. The systems include, but not limits to: Radarsystem, Electro Optical, Access ControlSystem, CCTV, Security Communication Networkand Integrated security STAR(Surveillance, Tracking, Alarming, Response)system.This position will fulfill general daily security operations from technical security aspects. It will fulfill requirements of small-scaletechnical system expansions

Job Description:

Job Title : Technical Security Engineer

Reports to : Technical Security Lead

Department : HSSE/ Security

Work schedule : 14/14 shift pattern based on competency to maintain the oil field systems.

Skill pool : Security

Working area overview:

-The oilfieldconcession with a rough ofabout 50 km long and 15 km wide, with future growth.


-STAR integrated security system components: Surveillance, Tracking, Alarming, Response.

-Access control system, including but not limits to: readers, control box, turnstiles,communication network.

-CCTV: Cameras, NVR, DVR, communication network

-EO(Electro Optical):EO devices and all the relevant components.

-Security network system

-Create and maintain technical maintenance knowledge database.

-Teamwork with other members


Security Department :Report to Technical Security Lead and cooperate with other security teams as per instructions.

TSE Responsibilities:

Main responsibilities of security systems engineer is as below:

1. Health and Safety proficient in line with agreed Site standards, able to comply with all the regulations and willing to attend additional courses as required to ensure all requirements for support of systems are met.

2. Preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance and basic installationsto all technical security systems,including both  hardware  and  software.  The  systems include,  but  not  limits  to:  Radarsystem, Electro Optical,  Access ControlSystem,  CCTV,  Security  Communication  Network  and  Integrated  security  STAR (Surveillance, Tracking, Alarming, Response) system

3. Provide dailyend user security system operations Tier-1 support, troubleshooting

4. Security system devices replacement installation and small-scalesecurity system expansion installation as per requirements

5. Follow department technical support procedures

6. On-call tasks based on line managers work plan and arrangement.

Key Challenges:

-Initially on a14/14work pattern with10.5hoursshifts.

-Be able to live away from home when on shift

-Work  under  stressand  potentially  over  long  periods  to overcome  technical  difficulties  and  get technical issues resolved.

-Multiple tasks management with tight deadlines.

Job Knowledge, Skills & Experience:

Knowledge and Skills:

-Knowledge on general security systems, including but not limits to:  

access control system, CCTV system, IP network, radio system, physical barriers.

-Basic Knowledge on I.T: MS Windows Server, Linux system, IP network, 

-Basic Knowledge of ITILframework.


-Minimum bachelor degree on computer science, electronic, electricity, mechanical or other technical engineering relevant majors. 

-Experiences on security systems, I.T systems will add advantages.

-Ability to speak English


-High level of honesty, integrity andtrust-worthiness.

-High degree of self-discipline, takes responsibility, punctual and dependable.

-Ability to concentrate for long periods

-Ability to work under stress

-Skills in electronics/physics and math-Detail oriented

-Ability to think logically and trouble shoot problems

-Ability to speak andwrite good English and communicatewell.

-Ability to drive.