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Job Listing

Job Listing

Security Coordinator

Supports the Departmental Lead in the implementation and control of the IFMSintegrated security system. Assists with the evaluation,auditingandimplementation of IFMS securitystandards across theoilfield. Assists the SSAL by carrying out continuous assuranceand compliance checks and written reports regardingsecure transport, static site guardingon theoilfield are provided to the requirements of the IFMS Security Quality Assurance and Quality Control system.Undertake interdepartmental liaison to ensure effective communication between staffon matters of IFMS security standards.

Job Description:

Position title : Security Coordinator 

Position status : Iraqi

Position reports to : Assigned Departmental Lead

Department : Security

Rotation pattern : 7/7

Duties and responsibilities :

•Assist  with regular  and  unplanned assurance audits  of Contractors  operating  on theOilfield  to ensure that IFMS security standards are implemented and maintained

•Assist with regular and unplanned spot checks and site visits on the Oilfield to ensure that IFMS security standards are always implemented and maintained.

•Assist  with  the  developmentand  maintenance of the  IFMS Security  Management  Systemby ensuring all policies and protocols are followed and regularly checked and reported on.

•Provide support to Departmental Lead to maintaindocumentation, registers and reports

•Assist  with  the  review of contractor’s  documentation,  training  records, ,licences,  identification documents, qualificationsetc.

•Assist  with  the  appraisal  of  the effectiveness  and  implementation  of contractorsecurity  plans, procedures  and  overall  security  systems  using  the  Readiness  to  Start  (RtS)  Security  Audit Matrix ensuring all Security Policies, Procedures and VPSHR are implemented;

•Assist with the maintenance of the AuditRemedial Action Tracker. Track findings until corrective action to non-compliance and areas of improvement have been taken by Contractorand, where required,IFMS

•Under  the  direction  of  the Departmental  Lead  assist  with  the review  and  updatesecurity documentation,particularlythe SecurityAudit Plan.

•Administer,  update  and  review  all  required registers  including Remedial  Action  Tracker,  CV Register, SFP Register, Contract Register.

•Translate  Security  Documentation  and  Minutes  of Meeting  from  and  to  Arabic  and  English  in  a timely manner.

•Translate  confidential  letters  and  forms  from  BOC  and  Ministry  of  Oil  without  disclosing  any sensitive business of security information to outside entities.

Qualification & Training requirements : 

•Bachelors Degree (ideally)

Experience :

•Minimum of five years’ Previous Military/Law Enforcement/ Private Security experience. 

•Relevant job experience within the oil & gas industry.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :

•Fluent in English –(verbal & written).

•Proficient with Microsoft Office related software.

Skills : 

•Communication Skills.

•Written Communication.

•Presentation skills.

•Knowledge of Security Operations and Procedure 

•Interpersonal Skills.

•Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement