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Job Listing

Job Listing

RMAC Liaison Officer

The RMAC Liaison Officer will form an integral part of the project management team and will be responsible for the liaison between ERW Management Team, BOC and Regional Mine Action center (RMAC), government departments and offices, at the governorate and local levels.

Job Description:

Position title : RMAC Liaison Officer

Position status : Local 

Position reports to : ERW Project Manager

Department : HSSE/ ERW

Rotation pattern : 7/7

Duties and responsibilities

•Under the direction of the ERW Project Manager:

•Establish key point of contacts with ISF, Government offices.

•Act as ERW Management Team point of contact and facilitator with the RMAC in coordination 

•Report to, and conduct tasks as requested by Project Management as required

•Responsible for obtaining all licenses and permissions required to conduct activities

•Coordinate with Government/NGO agencies in Iraq for reporting, registration or other purposes

•Conduct interpretation duties for international staff when dealing with those offices

•Be availableto assist and support expatriates after hours if needed. 

•Any additional duties as may be required.

•Assist to preparemaps, submission packs and files required for task approvals from RMAC/DMA.

•Assist the PM/Supervisors in any administrative tasks in the Operations Room

•Prepare other mapping as requested by the PM

•Assist Site Supervisors, Team Leaders and MRE Team Leaders in IM related administrative tasks.

•Any other duties as directed by Project Manager

•Provide daily, weekly & monthly progress reports on technical submissions to RMAC.

•Support thenecessary client and contractor relations to ensure an efficient working environment is maintained. 

•Be an ambassador for the IFMS Contractby visible and consistent interventions and leadership.

•The Liaison Officer is to abide by the policies and personal codes of conduct set by the organization in a loyal and responsible manner.

Qualification & Training requirements

•University Degree or College graduate or equivalent in the relevant field work(Military or Commercial).



•5+ Years’ relevant experience as a liaison or similar duties and Relevant experience in IED/ ERW / EODmapping & target identification on GIS Software.

•Experience in working with various government agencies

•Knowledgeable in IMAS/ NMASStandardsand ERW Clearance methodology.

•Experience in ERW projects and operations

 Language proficiency, computer and software skills

•Advanced in GIS Software

•Advanced MS Officecapability.

•English proficiency (verbal & written)


•Proven report development skills.

•Proficientverbal and written communication skills.

•Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Demonstrable strategic thinking and problem-solvingcapabilityand coaching skills.

•Ability to manage multiple functionseffectively.

•The capacity to worktowards deadlines and under pressure

•Excellent cooperating ability, both with national and international personnel

•Good written and spoken English and Arabic

•Able to mediate and negotiate between parties –including interpretation •Familiarity with commonly used computerized software

•Communicative, mature and responsible

•Work within the framework of the core values