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Job Listing

Production Support Engineer

Production Support Engineer is part of the production planning section in the Petroleum Engineering Department. The primary job purpose is to ensure technical support to wells performance, close monitoring of daily production plans, well test plans, daily production allocation and be focal point between WRFM and operations departments.

Job Description:

Job title : Production Support Engineer

Reports to : Programming TL

Work Schedule : 28/28(LN)

Department : PE Department


Duties and responsibilities ::

•Providing a smooth interface between Production Operations and other Petroleum Engineering e.g. leading and coordinating near real time optimization e.g. operating guideline, well testing, production trials etc.

•Create short-term production plan and targets

•Near  real  time  to  short-term  production  activities  scheduling,  surveillance  and optimization  of integrated production systems with due consideration for WRFM, Asset integrity and HSSE

•Ensuring daily production related data is entered into Energy Components, is accurate and ready for approval by Field Manager before Operations Morning Calls

•Pro-active production surveillance (wells, facility, export)

•Hydrocarbon accounting, production data management & reporting

•Assist in determining daily production targets and achieving these daily

•Deferment management

•Act as first line support for Operations for all issues related to Energy Components, production data and Integrated Production System performance

•Supports startup of the hydrocarbon systems; achieve on target and on spec production.

•Production reporting (Field Ops/Production Daily Reports), daily production allocation

•Maintain up to date well bean up procedures and production priorities

•Execute front line production surveillance

•Participate in WRFM activities 

Qualifications ::
1.Degree in Petroleum Engineering.

2.Minimum 3years’ experience with an operator, be familiar with Programming team work flow, work scope and have background of production engineering.

3.Should have up to date experience in the well production plan, well testing plan, HC allocation and well optimization.

4.Good knowledge of production allocation using EC software.

5.Knowledge of well completion, intervention and rigless activities and regulations.

6.Communication Skill with team members from different culture and with Clients

Experience ::
1.Minimum 3-5years’ experiences with an operator with in-depth technical knowledge and capability in petroleum engineering, daily well management, and team management

2.Strong technical background in reservoir engineering, or related discipline

3.Be familiar with reservoir management including production maintenance and well management. 

4.Experienced in working in a multi-cultural and multi-nationalities team

Language proficiency, computer and software skills ::
1.Must be able to speakupper intermediate and aboveEnglish. Arabic is an advantage.

2.Experience and Knowledge of advanced level PI(Process book), Energy Components. Knowledge of Prosper, GAP will be an advantage.

Skills ::
3.Good communication and analytical skills are essential. 

4.Eagerness to learn and develop own skills

5.Strong leadership skills, ability to delegate, and work with minimum supervision

6.Must have a HSSE driven mindset

7.Self-starter and proactive ‘go getter’

8.Be sufficiently flexible to work outside the normal boundaries and to integrate quickly into the project.

9.The ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds will be essential. 

10.Ability to quickly determine the optimal production solution, with often conflicting or missing data or information.

11.Good diagnostic skills are required to troubleshoot problems.