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Job Listing

Job Listing

Production Shift Supervisor

To handleproduction operation activities and ensure processes run reliably and efficiently in order to achieve production target.

Job Description:

Position title : Production Shift Supervisor 

Position status : LN 

Position reports to : Operations supervisor 

Department : Operations 

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities 

* Manage and raise HSE awareness among staff in Green & brown field area. 

* Implement and demonstrate a clear commitment HSE policy requirements. And ensure proper reporting accidents, incidents and near miss via FIM portal. 

* Working closely with the project & construction groups for punch listing, system walkthrough’s, handover and acceptance of systems. 

* Finalising of pre-commissioning and commissioning procedures and verification against installed equipment/ line- ups and configuration. 

* Oversee, review and accept pre-commissioning testing completed by contractors. 

* Signing of Inspection & Test Records (ITR’s) on behalf of the CSU team. 

* Nitrogen leak testing of the hydrocarbon systems, inserting and preparation/line up of systems for the introduction of hydrocarbons. 

* Operation of the utility systems in support of hydrocarbon system testing and commissioning. 

* Supervise and carry out all preparations required for facilities upgrade. 

* Review, authorize and audit all PTW’s in Green and brown field area. 

* Ensure company procedures and policies are applied. 

* Well heads monitoring and report integrity issues. 

* Prepare shutdown and startup procedures. 

* Assist in preparations for a successful Pre-Start-up Audit. 

* Start-up of the hydrocarbon systems, achieve on target and on-spec production. 

* Continue review and update operation stand and instruction. 

* Operation of the facilities in a safe and efficient manner. 

Qualification & Training requirements 

Bachelor Degree in Engineering, or majors relative to oil & gas.


5 years of relevant job experience within the oil & gas surface production operations with at least.

3 years of experience as foremanor senior operator.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills

MS Office:

–Excel –advanced

–Word –advanced

–Power Point 

–advanced English –upper intermediate (verbal & written)

SAP –Advanced 


Proven supervisory skills.

Communicationskills. Presentation skills.

Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement.

Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences. 

Ability to communicate, co-ordinate, and manage cost data flow interfaces with each function.

Demonstrable experience in the ability to prepare meaningful reports, in clear and concise.English, utilizing information and data received from third parties, SAP (or equivalent system) and own analyses