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Job Listing

Production Geologist

Production Geologist is part of G&G Team of Long-Term Study Section in the Petroleum Engineering Department. The primary job purpose is to ensure asset value maximization, ensure geological input and uncertainties evaluation on all available data and follow up on drilling proposals and programs for the drilling campaign by utilizing different data including seismic, well, drilling, petrophysical, production, and ensuring the delivery of the final well drilling report.

Job Description:

Job title : Production Geologist

Reports to : New Oil Delivery Team Lead

Work Schedule : 28/28 

Duties and responsibilities ::

•Geological  understanding  based  on  existing  data  including  well  data,  seismic  data, well log data and production data, etc.

•Well tops and correlation QC,New wells follow up and support new well drilling;

•To communicate with geologists in office and drilling supervisors at rigs, and follow up drilling as a supervisor;

•To  supervise  sub-contractors’activities  and  QA/QC  including:  Drilling  Evaluation, Mudding log, Wireline logging, Formation Evaluation and Data Acquisitions;

•To provide well report post drilling and QA/QC sub-contractor’s report;

•To manage drilling report and record all the data about drilling;

•To  conduct  well  and  reservoirgeologicalreview,  present  recommendation  to  team and stakeholders as required;

•To ensure a comprehensive range in subsurface uncertainties understandinghas been well evaluated and passed on to develop production forecast, input, assumptions for WPB, STPF/LTPF etc.;

•To  ensure  integration  and  consistency  between  engineering  and  geological interpretations  by  close  collaboration  with reservoir  engineer  and  production planners,petrophysicists, geologists,geophysicist,operations and facilities engineers;

•To  mentorand  trainless  experienced  colleagues  and  junior  staff  in  all  aspects  of surveillance and reservoir management;

•To liaise  with  other  sections  to  ensure  proper  implementation  of  the  geological programs and to ensure safe working practices, andmeet HSE requirement during drilling campaign;

Qualifications& Skills ::

1-Degree in Geology.

2-Experience in well drilling operation, analyze and interpret geological, geochemical, and geophysical information.


1.Minimum 3-5years’ experience with an operator with in-depth technical knowledge and capability in geology.

2.Experience in both Clastic and Carbonate reservoirs development and productionstrategies.

3.Experience and good understanding of geology, seismic data acquisition, well data test, coring and core analysis results.

4.Knowledge of drilling, well completion, logging, pressure data, core analysis and regulations. 

5.Previously working in a multi-culturaland multi-nationalities team.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills::

1.Must be able to speak fluent English. Arabic is an advantage.

2.Petrel software is preferred with at least 8 years recently;

3.Experience in 3D geological modelling is a plus.

4.Experience in other petroleum engineering standard software is an advantage.


1.Good communication and analytical skills are essential. 

2.Eagerness to learn and develop own skills.

3.Strong leadership skills, ability to delegate, and work with minimum supervision

4.Must have a HSSE driven mindset.

5.The ability to work with people from different cultural backgrounds will be essential. The position will involve working with government, vendors or partner representatives.

6.Experience and good understanding of drilling and workover operations. 7.Knowledge of well completion, intervention and workover procedures and regulations. 

8.Experience and good understanding of completion, workover, stimulation design, well test analysis, production forecast and seismic