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Job Listing

Job Listing

Port Operations Officer

The main qualification is ideal candidate for this position should possess a deep

understanding of port operations and have experience in overseeing and managing daily

activities at the port.

The candidate should also have excellent communication and organizational skills, as

well as the ability to work well under pressure.

Job Description:

Job description:

● Ensure the “husbanding” and inform the Captain about required stopover documents

and on applicable local regulations

● Handle specific requests related to the ship, to the crew and to the cargo (crew relieve,

supplies, coordination of local partners for

● technical interventions) and order the harbor services (watchtower, piloting, towing,


● Centralize the information related to the call and drive the cargo handling teams in

coordination with the Line and the Shipmanager

● Ensure the administrative preparation of the stopover and collect export documents

supplied by various partners in order to provide the Shipmanager with a final export file

● Send the loading list to the warehouseman and ensure the establishment of the

comprehensive documentation.

● Inform the Harbor Master about dangerous cargos to be loaded and carry out a 24

hours/7 days basis follow-up for the vessel and the

● handling operations

● Transmit a regular reporting to the Lines on the progress of the stopover.

● Establish a complete and detailed report (Port Call Report) and check supplier invoices

for the shipowner in relation with Cost Control team (handling, piloting, etc.)

● Realize inspections in terminals (e.g. customs visits)

● Carry out statistics by port of loading and final destination on a weekly, monthly and

annual basis.