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Job Listing

Job Listing

Piping Supervisor/Engineer

The primary objective is to contribute to the company’s success by ensuring
that all phases of Construction work, Pre-commissioning, Commissioning,
Piping and pipeline execution work are being done effectively and with
minimal hassles. To do this, I will see to it that health, safety, and quality
standards are met, and the activities are following company requirements,
international codes, standards, and good engineering practices. Well
organized and self-motivated in performing indispensable duties such as
regular assessment of construction work for piping and pipeline execution
jobs, systems, and prompt intervention to arising problems. Good team
player and use own initiative to achieve company objectives. piping and
pipelines required to witness, monitor and follow up day to day activities on
site as per approved project quality plan, inspection and test plan, approved
quality formats to ensure compliance to codes, standards, regulations,
specifications and QMS requirements. In case of any deviation, it shall be
immediately reported to QA/QC lead and Project manager to close out as
per quality requirements.

Job Description:

Position title : Piping Supervisor/Engineer 

Position status : LN 

Position reports to : M&P Team Lead  

Department : SP 

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and Responsibilities (will include but are not limited to) :

• Review daily site work and participate in meetings with EPC & Subcontractors to ensure that all relevant activities are being complied with the Company requirements and Project Quality Plan, as required.   

• Ensure that controlled copies of all relevant codes and specifications are available at the project and only current documents are in use, in accordance with ‘Master Lists of Documents’. 

• Ensure on site implementation of relevant Procedures, Method Statements, QCPs/ITPs, ITRs, check sheet, Inspection Reports according to the project specifications and International Codes & Standards. 

• Conduct all planned or unplanned work and ensure good housekeeping at the worksites in accordance with established safety procedures.

• Supervise and coordinate activities of workers engaged in setting up, installing, repairing, and maintaining machinery and equipment and in fabricating metal parts and tools.

• Ensure that all piping and pipeline operations and pipe supports installation are in accordance with schedule, approved Procedures, Specifications, and approved design drawings. 

• Supervise daily project site & piping fabrication workshop activities i.e., piping fabrication, Piping and Equipment’s Erection, Steel Structure, PWHT, Cold Bending, Pipeline stringing, piping and pipeline Welding, steel structure welding, Tie-ins, Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD), Painting, Coating, Trenching, Lowering, Backfilling, Berm Construction, marking and tagging, Installation of Marker & IP posts, Hard Barricading and reinstatement work etc.   

• Review the performance test on blasted surfaces; visual surface cleanliness and contamination test, coating visual inspection, thickness (WFT/DFT), adhesion and discontinuity test. 

• Witness/Review the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) as well as Welder Qualification Test (WQT) as per project specifications and standards, for different materials according to the ASME Sec. IX, B31.3, B31.4, B31.8, API 1104, AWS D1.1 and ISO 13847. 

• Review the Mill Test Certificates (MTCs) of all received materials especially piping, pipelines, rotary equipment, and welding consumables to ensure that all piping materials and welding consumables, gases, fluxes, filler wires meet with the required Codes & Specifications and are in good condition before use.   

• Monitor of control storage, handling, braking and issuance of consumables to the welders at site. 

• Reviewing of final handover dossiers as per approved handover dossier index and project specification and providing inputs if any. 

• Ensure that all processes/products of non-conformities are highlighted through CAR’S/PAR’S to the QA/QC team for their rectification and follow up. 

• Participate with the mechanical completion walk-through team, system-wise and rectified the punch points. 

• Monitor/witness the hydrostatic activities for the piping and Flowlines, Transfer-lines e.g., cleaning, pigging, gauging, water filling, thermal stabilization, pressurization, depressurizing, de-watering & flushing, air drying as well as N2 purging at site. 

• Monitor/conduct Pre-commissioning activities according to the relevant P&ID e.g., Hydrostatic of Piping & Pipelines, Leak Test, Flushing, Cleaning, Drying, System inserting, Systematic conformity checks of equipments and Box-up etc. • Familiar with non-destructive testing examination methods/requirements, fabrication requirements and their procedures. 

• Display an awareness of corrosion characteristics and welding processes 

Qualification & Training requirements 


• Degree in welding engineering or related field 

• Previous experience in welding engineering. 

• Solid leadership skills 

• Strong organizational and administrative skills. 

• Computer literate. 

Key Skills:

• QA/QC related knowledge 

• Communication Skills 

• Personnel Management Skills 

• Initiative. 



• Total Experience: Minimum of 5 years in Oil & Gas projects 

Language Proficiency, Computer and Software Skills :: 

• MS Office: Excel, Word and Powerpoint – Advanced 

• Any other software as may be available from time to time 

• English – Excellent (Spoken & Written)