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Job Listing

OLP Training Coordinator

The OLP (Online Training Platform, LMS) Training Coordinator is a key figure in the oil field's training framework, primarily responsible for identifying training needs, managing training schedules, and ensuring the alignment of course content with user requirements on the Online Learning Platform (OLP). This role entails close collaboration with the OLP Content Manager to keep training programs current and relevant, assessing training effectiveness, and handling essential administrative tasks to ensure the smooth execution of training initiatives.

Job Description:

Position title : OLP Training Coordinator

Position status : Local

Position reports to : Training Manager/Deputy Training Manager

Department : Training & Development 

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities ::

* Oversee the operation and utilization of the Online Learning Platform (OLP), ensuring that it effectively meets the learning and development needs of the oil field’s workforce. 

* Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to identify eLearning needs and competency gaps within the organization, leveraging data analysis and direct feedback to inform eLearning strategy and content development. 

* Work in partnership with the OLP Content Manager to guarantee that eLearning materials are continually refreshed, engaging, and aligned with current training standards, organizational goals, and user expectations. 

* Utilize user feedback and analytics to gauge the success of eLearning programs, making datadriven decisions to adapt and improve the eLearning content and delivery methods. 

* Handle administrative duties associated with eLearning provision, including communication with learners, setting up and sending system notifications, enrollment management, and feedback collection to inform future improvements. 

* Ensure effective communication channels are maintained between learners, eLearning content creators, and technical support teams to facilitate a seamless and productive eLearning experience. 

* Actively contribute to the enhancement of the OLP by offering feedback and innovative ideas that aim to increase user engagement, satisfaction, and educational outcomes.

Qualification & Training requirements ::

•Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Education, Business Administration, or related field.

•Proven experience in training coordinationis a plus.

Experience ::

•1-3years’  experience  in  training  coordination  or  a  similar  role,  with  a  focus  on  online  or digital learning environments.

•Experience with Learning Management Systems (LMS) is a plus.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :: 

•Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

•Advanced English proficiency.

Skills :: 

•Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple training schedules and user needs effectively.

•Strong communication and interpersonal skills.

•Analytical skills to evaluate training effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

•Customer service oriented, with a focus on providing a positive and effective learning experience for all users.

•Ability to work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to changing training needs and technologies