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Job Listing

Metering Supervisor

Metering Supervisor is directly responsible for all metering activities of maintaining metering system accurate and healthy to insure following international, contractual, and commercial standards and safe operation of metering system as well, to minimize revenue losses due to meter inaccuracies and meet the alignment with the Iraq MoO and BOC partner.Interface with other departments for any related metering issues and Coordinate the meter validations and calibrations by third party including logistics support for the activity.inventory of the items required for metering maintenance andcalibration in order to ensure continuous operation of the metering systems.

Job Description:

Position title : Metering Supervisor 

Position status : LN

Position reports to : Instrumentation Lead

Department : Maintenance

Rotation pattern : 28/28 or 14/14

Duties and responsibilities ::
•Metering systems verification, proving etc.

•Meter calibration

•Verification of Daily Monthly Export volumes

•POC for client/ BOC measurement issues

•Approval  under  BOC  /Moo  forum  of  Retrospective  Export  volumes  (approval  sign-off -monthly) 

•Provide  technical  advice  in  the  selection,  design  and  speciation  of  new  or  replacement measurement points/ systems.

•Perform regular reviews of measurement systems andtheir support to identify issues and drive actions to resolve issues

•Supervise preparation for and execution of FAT, SAT and the Commissioning of metering systems liaisewith   projects   and   purchasing   to   ensure   equipment   standards   and requirements are met maintenance routines, training and spares will be provided with all new measurements systems 

•Implementation and conformance to corporate directives as advised 

•Lead   measurement   and   established   volume   interface   with   client   counterpart   and government body 

•Relationship  management  and  interactions  as  necessary.  Direct  service,  service  support, systems  development  and  design  authority  for  all  metering  project  and  operational activities 

•Support advised requirements for maintenance instructions and spares necessary for the successful completion of maintenance tasks

•Investigation  of  non-functioning  meters  and  stations  and  log  status  with  operations supervisors. 

•Metering vendor call-off action and management

•Contract execution and budgetary advice/holder as necessary

•Operational  advice  to  live  and  scheduled  actions,  ensuring  continued  and  accurate measurement to assets at all times

Qualification & Training requirements :: 

•Bachelor degreein engineering 

•Fiscal metering training and certificate

Experience ::
•8 years of relevant job experience within the Oil &Gas industry.

•5 years Fiscal Metering and flow computer related work experience

Language proficiency, computer and software skills ::

•MS Office:

-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•SAP –intermediate

•English –upper intermediate (verbal & written)

Skills ::

•Proven supervisory skills

•Communication skills

•Presentation skills 

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement

•Ability  to  work  cohesively  and  communicate  successfully  in  multi-cultural  teams  whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences

•Ability  to  communicate,  co-ordinate,  and  manage  cost  data  flow  interfaces  with  each function.

•Demonstrable  experience  in  the  ability  to  prepare  meaningful  reports,  in  clear  and concise English,  utilizing  information  and  data  received  from  third  parties,  SAP  (or equivalent system) and own analyses