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Job Listing

Job Listing

Logistics Advisor

To book tickets, accommodation, PSD for theExpat Staff -IFMS project in accordance with the standing procedures

Job Description:

Position title : Logistics Advisor–JP2

Position status : Local National Staff

Position reports to : Travel Supervisor

Department : Logistics & Facilities Management

Rotation pattern : “Rotation 14/14”

Duties and responsibilities ::

•Arrangetravellingto/from Iraq for Staff inclusive of accommodation, flight bookings and secure transportation.

•Ensure that personnel travelling to/from Iraq for the company adhere to relevant travel and security policies andprocedures.

•Arranges the booking of external events meetings, workshops, required. Assist in the preparation and collation of associated paperwork for visa applications through various foreign embassies.

•Monitor flights into/out of Iraq to ensure that any changes/delays are reportedimmediately and appropriate actions aretaken as stipulated in Iraq travel team procedures.

•Ensure the PLMS (Current LMS) system contains updated and accessible information for all travel data. And Creating Adding & Removing the Journey Requests 

•Liaise with local logistics/PSD (Private Security Detail) coordinators on a daily basis. 

•Ensure all movementsinto/out of/around Iraq arepre-approved.

•Ensure the accuracy of data entry in PLMS (Current LMS)system to assist reporting process.

•Ensure all relevant cost allocation codes are obtained prior to booking travel for personnel.

•Ensure that key performance indicators (KPI) are captured and reported on a weekly basis.

•Archive expenses records, emails and documents through share point and shared folder according to agreed team processes.

•Ensure all passenger have a validVisa and Oil Field Pass before issuing the ticket.

•Ensure possibleimprovements to process, procedure and performance are captured in Iraq Travel Team Improvement Plan.

•Respond to requests within current service levels.

•Ensure relevant approvals to travel are obtained and recorded prior to personnel traveling to/from Iraq.

•Ensurecost saving as much as possible in the process of booking.

•Ensure all travelling passengershave a validFTW(fitness to work).

•Liaise with Meet and GreetTeamto ensure that records areaccuratelyupdated.

•Ensure that confidential data is stored as per relevant Data Protection Legislation

•Publish notifications related to People Logistics as/when required to the organization.

•Prepare various reports for the management (Daily, weekly, Monthly and yearly).

•Engage with customers to ensure complaints/feedback is dealt with in a timely fashion.

•Follow up any other works requested and arranged by the company

Qualification & Training requirements ::

•Bachelor Degree 


•More than 5years of journey planning Experience within the oil & Gas industry.

•Working under high pressure and limited time as we aredealing with an emergencycases most of the time.

•Overcoming problems or issues to achieve a goal, e.g. losing assignment data or work.

•Reorganizing responsibilities in a group task if one member unexpectedly drops out.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills ::

•MS Office:

-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•English –upper intermediate (verbal & written)

Skills ::

•Proven supervisory skills.

•Communication skills.

•Presentation skills.

•Working under high pressure and limited time.

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement.

•Ability  to  work  cohesively  and  communicate  successfully  in  multi-cultural  teams  whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Ability  to  communicate,  co-ordinate,  and  manage the  travel/accommodationwith  each function.

•Demonstrable  experience  in  the  ability  to  prepare  meaningful  reports,  in  clear  and concise English