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Job Listing

Job Listing

Inventory Analyst

The main purpose of the role is to guide and coordinate a variety of activities related to the optimization of stock levels in the field areas at the lowest investment cost consistent with the Company's operational objectives. Participates in computer system developments, and input and output activities about the Company's inventory control system. Assists in coding all materials consistent with the Company's materials coding and vocabulary system; initiates the reordering of materials for stock replenishment, and arranges for the disposal of slow-moving/obsolete & damaged stock.

Job Description:

Position title : Inventory Analyst

Position status : Local National

Position reports to : Materials Manager 

Department : C&P–Contracts & Procurement

Rotation pattern :14/14

Duties and responsibilities :: 

 * Plans and supervises inventory control activities in the field, ensuring that stock items are kept at economic levels consistent with operational objectives. Ensures procedures are developed and updated for the amendment of stock levels in line with changing conditions and that requisition processing activities are carried out by written procedures. Assists in reviewing and authorizing the re-ordering of stock materials to ensure that quantity are kept at the optimum levels. 

* Coordinates preparation of physical stock check records each month, review and investigate discrepancies, reports findings to the Section Head Material / Materials Manager, and follows up on approved stock adjustments. Initiates replacement requisitions for short items and amends orders raised for those found to be more than maximum stock levels. 

* Initiates creation of new items in the Company materials control system and/or updating of files. Includes the accurate completion of related forms including information on stores references, and maximum and minimum reorder levels of stock. 

* Coordinates and participates in periodic inventories to verify that stock records tally with physical stock. Investigates shortages/overages and recommend corrective action. Prepares recommendations to reduce/dispose of over-stocked materials. Ensures that all documents related to stock movement, description, and vocabulary, are properly filed and that documents related to stock movements are dispatched to receiving parties. 

* Initiates the disposal of assets and materials write-offs in assigned field areas in conjunction with other cost centers. Includes directing the identification and recording of obsolete equipment and parts, identification of serviceable/usable materials in the assigned field area not assigned to a particular cost center, recommending salvage or disposal, and preparing related reports as appropriate.

Minimum requirements ::

•Higher secondary certificate or equivalent with 5 years’ experience in material handling  and  stock  control/  inventory  analyzing  including  knowledge  of oil/gas-related materials  and  materials  coding  systems.    Some  experience working in a multiculturalenvironment.

•Fluency in English and Arabic.

•Experience  in  the  use  of  computer-based, MS  office& inventory  control systems.

•SAP MM experience is preferable.

Skills :: 


•Well-versedwith MS office applications 

•Good Communication 

•Male candidates are only considered.

•Knowledge of the specific’s Materials management activities.

Work Environment ::

•70%  of  the  time  is  spent  in  the  yard  area;  exposed  to  prevailing  weather conditions of heat and humidity.

•30% of   the time   is   spent   in the Warehouse   office   for   documentation, confirmation    of    transactions,and    planning job-relatedactivities    and correspondences.