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Job Listing

Work Pack Preparer-GTG

To prepare Maintenance work packages for Preventive Maintenance & Corrective Maintenance work orders using SAP CMMS system for the oilField Facilities and Equipment of Mechanical, Electrical and Instrument in order to ensure timely PM& CM are carried out with utmost quality and safety.
Planning, monitoring and controlling progress according to the defined measurement criteria and work breakdown structure. Producing reports consisting of progress curves illustrating the current developments, describing the outcomes and forecasting future tasks, and shall coordinate with planning and scheduling functions,

Job Description:


Position title : Work Pack Preparer-GTG

Position status : LN

Position reports to : GTG Supervisor

Department : Maintenance

Rotation pattern : 28/28

Duties and responsibilities : 

* Identify all resources requirement for implementation such as manpower, materials, tools, equipment, 3rd party services, as well as all documentation needed for complete work packs. Check for new unplanned work orders in the system. 

* Site verification of all equipment relevant to work pack and completion of work pack checklist by coordinating the compilation of all required checklist items. 

* Develop work packs by packaging the work to the tasks, disciplines, materials and services required to execute work efficiently. 

* Update the SAP (Computerized maintenance management system-CMMS) Work Orders to indicate activities, relationships, man-hours, rough estimated dates, materials and services. 

* Identify the spare parts as per the drawings and Bill of Martial (BOM) or Contact vendor to identify the spares 

* Create forms to code the materials in the materials management system and propose the quantity required in stock. 

* In conjunction with the discipline Supervisors and Leads, plan work orders with the manpower, service, and material requirements; raise move orders, release orders or purchase requisitions if needed 

* Once all resources are confirmed, schedule each job in the 14-day plan and the weekly schedule in coordination with area Operations and Maintenance, HSE and other stack holders of Work Order 

* Responsible for ensuring all planned, corrective and Safety Critical Elements maintenance are assessed and reviewed prior to scheduling, ensuring valid justification for any deviation from the approved plan. 

* Also provide valid justification for any deferment in a timely manner to allow sufficient time for review by the Technical Authority. 

* Create Purchase Requisitions for non-stock items and move orders for stock items. This should be done at the time of planning the work order. 

* Communicate with the buyers and advise job owners of delivery dates 

* Print job cards and hand over to discipline supervisor. 

* Send requests with the necessary details (drawings and sourcing information’s received from the buyers) to the Materials Master Data Coordinator to create a new item number. Follow up with the Buyers for procuring both stock and non- stock items. 

* Follows the 14 Day Plan. 

* Coordinate with Operations and Maintenance Supervisors, and Project Engineers to produce the daily and 14 days schedule. 

* Responsible for the weekly planning and scheduling for all disciplines and small Operations projects. 

* Participate in the daily planning meetings to review the work packs and Operations acceptance in order to attain good planning compliance. 

* Coordinate with other Maintenance Planners / Warehouse for any urgent materials requirement. And participate in Company safety programs. Attend daily Notification review meetings and planning meetings. 

* Print out material pick list, collect materials from warehouse, bagging and tagging of all materials, then store in staging area in different locations depends on priority of work order. 

* Coordinate with maintenance planner and Discipline leads to prepare work packs for jobs which required multidiscipline activities like Mechanical, scaffolding, electrical, instruments, static, pipeline and crane activities. 

* Update maintenance order status, generate plant maintenance reports and Provide maintenance performance monitoring data for your assigned area.

Qualification & Training requirements

•Bachelor degree in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering or equivalent.

•Have   a   minimum   of   5   years’   experience   in   a maintenance   Planning   &   material management  Role


•8years  of  relevant  job  experiencein  maintenance  Planning  &  material  management  within the Oil & Gas industry

•5 years working experience on Power , oil & gas field 

Language proficiency, computer and software skills

•MS Office:-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•Proficiency in SAP system (Materials & Maintenance Modules)

•Proficiency in English verbal & written)


•Expertise  in maintenance  Planning  &  material  management in  Power,  Oil  and  Gas industry

•Proven PowerPlant System, hydrocarbon production systems and associated hazards.

•Ability  to  work  cohesively  and  communicate  successfully  in  multi-cultural teams  whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences•Ability  to communicate,  co-ordinate,  and  manage  cost  data  flow  interfaces  with  each function

•Good problem solving, decision making and analytical skill with attention to details