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Job Listing

Job Listing

FM Service desk coordinator

Work with minimum supervision and guidance of Facilities management supervisor or Lead to ensure facilities management services are up to requirements set forth. Act asmainfocal point for all theFM controlled and or servicedareas.Servicedesk coordinator is a part of the professional help desk team that provides support to its clients and helps in resolving their issues. Coordinator responsibilities comprise answering the calls received from the client, planning, organizing, and prioritizing the work and ensuring that high quality of services is being rendered to its clients, thereby ensuring better customer satisfaction. Thus, he/she plays a crucial role in achieving the mission of the organization.In short it is the ‘to go to” contact 24/7 for issues related to Facilities Management services

Job Description:

Position title : FM Service desk coordinator

Position status : Local

Position reports to : Facilities Management Head/Lead

Department : Facilities Management

Rotation pattern : 14/14 

Duties and responsibilities : 

– Act as FM focal point and manage expectations on service standards (catering, laundry, cleaning, pest control, waste management, reception, accommodation, greenery, grounds, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, carpentry, office supplies, office management etc)

– The FM Servicedesk coordinator shall beresponsible for providing support and assistance to the client by troubleshooting the technical issues and providing the appropriate resolutions for the same. 

– He/she researches the basic cause of the problem and makes sure that it does not reoccur frequently. 

– He/she escalates the problem to the next level if he/she is unable to resolve it at his/her level. 

– To answer all the requests received through phone, emails, walk ins, etc., and to ensure that there is proper delivery of the services as per the rules and regulations of the organization as well as by abiding to its quality standards. 

– To assess and analyze the problem, to study its impact and to advise on the proper supportive functions that are necessary. 

– To recommend adjustments to meet the end users’ requirements and assist in determining, maintaining, analyzing, identifying and monitoring the issues related to problem management.

– To keep a track record of all the relevant documentation and to make sure effective contribution is made to improvise the operational procedures.

– In short, he/she functions as the single most important link for all FM issues and aids in resolving them or directing them to the appropriate personnel. 

– He/she serves as an interlink between the clients and the technicians/service providers. 

– He/she makes sure that all the issues have been streamlined and directed properly, and that they follow the service line agreement in their respective scope of work. 

– He/she may be involved in basic account administration tasks like: entry/creation of service orders, updating the database, operating FM CMMS, filing of documents,etc. 

– He/she consults with the other staff members to develop procedures for improving their services and makes sure that all the relevant documentation has been maintained. 

– He/she generally works under the supervision of a FM supervisoror designeeand ensures that all the essential servicedesk activities are carried out efficiently.He/she makes sure that positive handover will be required.

– He/she will undertake any other ad-hoc duties as required from management.Planto measureand evaluatecustomer and end-user satisfaction with support services, and execute improvement plans as appropriate

Qualification & Training requirements :

•BSC degree or relevant experience in Facilities management, camp management, customer servicefunction handling all campor hotel management issues.

Experience :

•4-5 years’ experience in facilities management service desk or hotel reception function as a receptionist or management administrator. 

•Proven ability to operate with minimum supervision in a site execution environment, including good communication and interpersonal skills.

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :

•English & Arabic Intermediate Level

•Intermediate Skill in Using Microsoft applications including (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)

Skills :

•Overall knowledge of camp management services

•The servicedesk coordinatorshould be an outgoing and confident person with pleasant voice. He/she should be eager and willing to help people to sort out their problems. He/she should have multitasking ability and should be ready to work in a fast-paced work environment. Excellent problemsolving and analytical skills would prove to be an advantage. He/she should be able to follow the given instructions carefully and should be comfortable working in a team environment. Excellent communication skills with effective organization and management skills is a must.

•Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences