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Job Listing

Job Listing

Fire Station Supervisor

To coordinate professional firefighting and emergency response support to th Field Development.

Job Description:

Position title : Fire Station Supervisor

Position status : LN

Position reports to : Fire Station Lead

Department : HSE

Rotation pattern : 7/7(Contracted)  

Duties and responsibilities :

* Attend and input AS Operation’s daily meetings where required, 

* Coordinate remote fire teams for daily updates and/or support requirements, 

* Check, plan & report team attendance for day & night shifts, 

* Ensure positive fire watch handovers, 

* Update Team on daily activities & duties, 

* Plan & complete rotational attendance schedule for all firefighters, and update database, 

* Attends meetings and administrative duties, 

* Respond to Emergency alarms quickly to regulate and extinguish fire, 

* Assist with Watch tasking & duties are being conducted efficiently, 

* Ensure Fire Vehicles & equipment inspections are conducted and findings recorded, 

* Ensure PM schedule for al Fire & ER equipment is completed and up to date, 

* Check and maintain ER inventory of equipment, consumables and materials, replenishing as required. Raising of Purchase Requisitions for re-supply, 

* Attends HSE meetings where required, 

* Run daily training drills and record findings/areas for improvement, 

* Assist with the personal development of the Fire & ER Team, 

* Be an initial focal point at any emergency incident, and able to brief management on incident status, 

* Participate in fire drills as a way to stay alert and up-to-date with job duties, 

* Assist, to ensure Fire Team Watch personnel & resources/materials are available for approved & scheduled High Risk Activities and emergency incidents, 

* Be reachable at all times (phone/radio) in preparation for emergency response, during their work rotation, 

* Operate all types of fire operation and rescue equipment including portable fire extinguishers, pike poles, hand lines, smoke ejectors, salvage covers, forcible entry tools, aerial ladder equipment and emergency medical equipment, 

* Ensure MFD Fire Vehicles & equipment inspections are conducted and findings recorded, 

* Operate all ER Vehicles including fire trucks, 

* Operating tools and equipment used for firefighting and rescue safely and effectively, 

* Providing appropriate medical care within their scope of knowledge in emergency situations, 

* Analyzing hazardous situations and thinking of quick solutions and actions, 

* Assist practical and theorical fire and emergency response training courses, 

* Assist with personnel development of the Fire & ER Watch, 

* Deputize as the focal point at any emergency incidents, and able to brief management on incident status, 

* Inspect scenes of fire or accidents to identify causes or discover significant findings, 

* Conduct fire prevention inspections, 

Qualification & Training requirements

•Heavy truck driving license (Practical assessment to be conducted),

•Basic  or  advanced  international  accredited  (JOIFF,  etc.)  firefighting  trainings.  (The certification to be requested)

•Incident/On Scene Commander Training

•University Diploma 

•SCBA User Training (The certification to be requested)

•Oil spill response training

•First Aid Training (Accredited by American Heart Association) 

•DDT from an international Oil Companies

•Emergency response trainings for work site situations (WAH, CSE, H2S etc) 

•Fit to work as a firefighter. FTW Certificate as a firefighter and heavy truck driver.


•A minimum of 10yearsof relevant job experience within the Oil & Gas industry.

•Good  understanding  of  and  demonstrable  hands-on  experience  in  all  functional  aspects of firefighting, emergency response (including Oil Spills).

Language proficiency, computer and software skills

•MS Office:-Excel –advanced-Word –advanced-Power Point –Intermediate-Outlook -advanced

•English Language–Pre-Intermediate(verbal & written)


•Heavy truck driver experience,

•Knowledge of first aid/CPR methods,

•Great physical strength and stamina partnered with the ability to dress and move quickly,

•Patient and cool tempered with the ability to function in a team,

•A practical mind and problem-solving ability,

•Proven supervisory skills,

•Knowledge of human anatomy and body functions,

•Knowledge of principles, practices and procedures of modern firefighting and emergency rescue,

•Ability to think and act quickly and effectively in emergencies,

•Ability  operate  and  maintain  voice  radio  equipment.  (The  practical  assessment  to  be conducted),

•Knowledge of basic techniques for handling hazardous materials,•Willingness to follow legal rules and guidelines and firefighting standards at all times,

•Communication skills,

•Basic presentation skills,

•Ability  to  demonstrate  mechanical  aptitude  as  required  in  the  operation  of  firefighting equipment (The practical assessment to be conducted),

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement,

•Ability  to  work  cohesively  and  communicate  successfully in  multi-cultural  teams  whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences,