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Job Listing

Job Listing

Electrical Technician

To carry out the electrical maintenance, scheduled preventive maintenance, and troubleshooting, breakdown maintenance of Electrical System in Oil & Gas Facility having 33 KV, 11 KV, 6.6 KV Power Generation & Distribution Systems to ensure zero breakdown of electrical equipment

Job Description:

Position title : Electrical Technician

Position status : Local

Position reports to : Electrical Supervisor

Department : Maintenance

Rotation pattern : 28/28 or 7/7

Duties and responsibilities :

•Knowledgeable  &  competent  electrician  who  will  follow  Permit  to  Work  in  accordance with Company’s Electrical Safety Rules and the general safety rules to ensure safe operation and maintenance of electrical apparatus on power network.

•To carry  out repairs on various types of electrical equipment, which includes repairing or replacing defective parts, obtaining necessary suppliers, parts and tools as necessary and testing to ensure equipment functionality.

•To carryout planned and breakdown electrical maintenance work by electricaltechnicians ensuring that work is done according to Company’s specifications and standards/regulations.

•To identify and initiate necessary materials requisitions for replenishment of the stock  to ensure  adequate  supplies  of  stores  and  spare  parts  requiredfor  maintenance  and  repair work in liaise with the Supervisor.

•To carry out preventive or routine maintenanceand corrective maintenanceon electrical equipmentsuch as(UPS, switchgear, C.B, generators, transformer, HVAC, compressor, Gasturbine and LV/HV motors) instructedby the Electrical Maintenance Supervisor.

•To maintain up-to-date records of all maintenance work completed including work orders and  maintenance  log,  describe  the  fault,  work  carried  out  and  materials,  time  and manpower used, and record test results on various units for further reference.

•To   contribute   in   updating   and   improving   Maintenance   Checklists,   Procedures   & Guidelines.

•To be proactive with a logical approach to challenges.

•To engage in new projects issues and upgraded equipment installation & Performance etc. follow-up.

•Contribute to the identification of areas and opportunities for continuous improvement in the operating procedures, modification of functional processes, machinery or equipment.

Qualification & Training requirements:

 Diploma in Electrical discipline / Secondary School Certificate with a vocational trade certificate in the relevant field.

Experience :

•8-10  years  of  relevant  experience  maintaining  electrical  equipment  within  a  large industrial plant, preferably in the Oil and Gas industry.

•Working knowledge of National Electric Codes

•Knowledge and experience Reading/preparing drawings of electrical circuits

•Knowledge  and  experience  applying  and  interpreting  results  from  common  electrical measurement instruments (voltmeter, ammeter, ohmmeter, etc.)

•Knowledge  and  experience  with  electronic  equipment,  high  pressure  gas,  processing equipment, pumps and reciprocating or gas turbine engines and compressors.

Computer and software skills :

-Excel –advanced

-Word –Intermediate

-Power Point -Intermediate

•Proficiency in SAP system(Materials & Maintenance Modules)

•Proficiency in English verbal & written.

Skills :

•Good knowledge in electrical fundamentals, drawings and electrical testing.

•Good  knowledge  in  routine  preventive  maintenance  for  HV  electrical  equipment  i.e. transformer, generator and motor etc.

•Good knowledge in power generation and distribution.

•Good knowledge in electrical fault finding & about protection relays.

•Good knowledge in PMS system.

•Good knowledge of  the job  on hand  to evaluate the  method statement and Job Safety Analysis for a smooth, safe and timely execution of work.

•Data  gathering  and  analysis  of  the  data  for  trouble  shooting  and  identifying  the  root causes of failure to help restore the equipment into reliable operation.

•Familiar    with    ERP    packageslike    Maximo/SAP    for    Computerized    Maintenance Management.