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Job Listing

Job Listing

E-PTW Supervisor

This position works within the newteam of local national& expat HSE staff supporting the development,testing, rollout and implementation of an E-PTW (Electronic Permit to Work)process, including updating of proceduresby supportingthe Snr.
HSE Advisor (ePTW)The HSE E-PTW Supervisorwill actively engage multiple departments and disciplines including, but not limited to, Operations, HSE, Wellsservices, hydrocarbon & non-hydrocarbon facilities and, construction (greenfield and brownfield) and commissioning teams in the online/digital and onsite monitoring, including auditing of the E-PTW system and ensure that all relevant theOilfield procedures are consistently applied and adhered to in full.
The incumbent will need to work closely with their counterparts in the Operations, IFMS FM, Static Maintenance & IT organizations to implement agreed E-PTW Plans

Job Description:

Position title : E-PTW Supervisor

Position status : LN

Position reports to : Snr. HSE Advisor (ePTW)

Department : HSE 

Rotation pattern : 14/14

Duties and responsibilities :

•Assisting  E-PTW development  and  rollout  in the Oilfield  and  ensure  smooth  transition  from paper-based to electronic PTW system.

•Provision  of  continuous  delivery  of E-PTW,  Operations  & HSE  support  toAll  Operational Areas,IFMS FM, Static Maintenance & ITteams, Constructionand Contractors.

•Supporting, coaching and developing Allpersonnelusing the New E-PTW System.

•Guide,  support  and  where  necessary  intervene  to  ensure Full  E-PTW  & HSE  compliance during site activities in line with IFMSGoal Zero aspirations.

•Provide  input  into  the  development  and/or  update  of the  E-PTW&HSE  critical  procedures and standards.

•Development  plan  preparation  for E-PTWPersonnel (PTW  Coordinators/Ops  supervisors etc.) where necessary.

•Support Operationsandall  the Oilfield  PTW  offices/coordinators  in  the  day  to  day  E-PTW implementation.

•Participation   in   the   development   and   implementation   of E-PTW   and   associated   Field Operations Systems, E-PTWfiled Demonstrations,Toolbox Talks etc.

•Provide Operational and PTWexpertise and ensure that Operations, FM, Static Maintenance, Construction& ITactivities are conducted in accordance with theE-PTW/HSErequirements and recognized PTW/Isolations & HSEInternational standards.

•Support,  steer  and  challenge  theOperations  Teams,FM,  Static Maintenance, Construction& ITactivitiesto  facilitate  ownership  and  improvement  of E-PTW requirements  including workplace safety, personal safetyin all IFMS worklocations.

•Oversee all E-PTW Maintenance, Construction& ITsite activities to ensure work is completed in a safe manner in compliance withE-PTW & IFMSHSE requirements. 

•Conduct   and   attend   meetingswith   regard   to   SIMOPS, E-PTW,   and related   FM   and maintenance activities.

•Complete weekly and monthly reports as required, and to make presentations at meetings and Contractor Forums

•Coach & assist the E-PTW team to maximize capability and train in the utilization of the new digital   Field   operations   Handover   Applicationfor   cross   shift   coverageand   succession planning.

•Participate   and/or   facilitate E-PTWinspections,  audits,  and  TBT’s;  whenever  required.Oversee  and  support  all  the Oilfield  PTW  offices/coordinators  in  the  day  to  day  E-PTW implementation.

•Carry  out dailysite  inspections and  safety  walks  to  check  policies  and  procedures  are  being properly  implemented,  to  identify  and  correct  HSE  gaps  or  potential  hazards,  and  to  ensure safety regulation compliance.

•Other duties as may be required.

Qualification & Training requirements :

•Degree/College graduatein a technical discipline

•Higher Level Technical Certificate or Diploma and NEBOSH General Certificate preferred.

•HSE trainings; PTW, WAH, Excavation and trenching, Emergency Response, Supervisor & Leadership Training, Incident investigation techniques, Risk Identification & HACCP Techniques

Experience :

 •Minimum 5+ years Operational, FMor Maintenance HSE job experience within the oil & gas industry.

•Active involvement in implementing PTW system.

•Experience in developing and implementing Risk Assessment.

•Proven ability to work with contractors working in a weak HSE culture environment.

•Experience in delivering PTWtraining, performing HSE audits and supporting incident investigation

•Understanding of risk management processes

Language proficiency, computer and software skills :

•MS Office:

Excel –Intermediate, 

Word –Intermediate, 

Power Point –Intermediate

•English –upper intermediate (verbal & written).

Skills :

•Proven supervisory, communication, and presentation skills.

•Focus on continuous self-learning and improvement.

•Ability to work cohesively and communicate successfully in multi-cultural teams whilst being aware of and sensitive to cultural differences.

•Proven problem-solvingcapability and coaching skills.

•Ability to manage multiple functions.

•Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

•Excellent time management and organizational skills.

•Self-motivated and self-starter.