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Job Listing

Job Listing

Compliance and Assurance Supervisor

The Compliance and Assurance Supervisor shall undertake the functions of Contract Compliance, Control & Assurance of Contracts and Business Improvements within Logistics function.

Job Description:

Position title : Compliance and Assurance Supervisor

Position status : Local National

Position reports to : Infield Logistics Manager

Department : CPL–Contracts Procurement and Logistics

Rotation pattern : 28/28

Duties and responsibilities 

 * Prepare and Maintain the contract management plan (CMP)  

* Prepare Service orders, VTC drafts and check for contract compliance 

* Assist Head of Logistics and Contract Site Representatives with contract management strategies and compliance and assurance support (service requests, invoices, cost recovery queries, etc.) 

* Provide direct support to Contractor, Vendor and Procurement (CP) and Finance with any contract queries 

* Follow up and fix the gaps in achieving the contract management plan 

* Conduct frequent Internal and External audits and report gaps / non-conformance * Coordinate with stakeholders on daily In-Field operations 

* Understand Business relation and manage the stake holder relationship. 

* Process all logistics documents for signatures and approvals 

* Establish clear work instruction to the logistics function units and coach the team members 

* Manage and Maintain all records in share point in a structured format as a custodian 

* Align with company Information Record Management policies 

* Set clear direction for stake holder engagements 

* Propose Business improvements within logistics function 

* Organize the stake holder meeting requirements and record the minutes of meeting * Follow up on the meeting actions with the action party 

* Participation in engagements with external stakeholders (Contractors, Buses owners and Basra Oil Company) 

* Familiarize the work instruction for logistics department, 


•Minimum 05 -10 years’ experience in oil field 

•Minimum of 2-5 years in administration 

•Good  understanding  of  and  demonstrable  hands-on  experience  in  all  functional  aspects of Contracts, VOWD, Monthly invoicing and Budget preparation

Skills : 

* Understand the Scope of logistics contract and its deliverables 

* Manage the process of Contract management plan and identify the gaps 

* Measure logistics KPI and conduct business improvement should there be an opportunity 

* Work closely with, Contract Engineer and follow up for missing action 

* Undertake analysis of targeted business activities to identify improvement opportunities / cost savings 

* Analyze work instruction and SOP for each function 

* Connect different functions under compliance group 

* Management and Custodian of Logistics SharePoint site